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DECLARATION Or SHORT SUBDIVISION AND 04' COVENANTS <br />/ •' <br />Know -fall men by these presents: <br />•• -= That <br />we, the undersS goad, h:n•Snl; a roil Lett ! the tract of land des- <br />"" �j crlbc-d by thio, declar,itron; and do heti by dcrtar c. th,'. h ­, in Ic.serihcd division <br />1+„ .••bf•1and approved a., shore plat nn the Inch day of <br />rebrunry 19 71, by the Plannt l n part, ­t of Snohomish ;• <br />r+- Coun{'l'.�s+{6 jUit t 'b" d n lilt 9r <br />s i -'•lZ ••Zhnt Che )and de— tied brtIld �7nrat not be further sub- to <br />d'Kv}ded`•1,4.itny m. ,e �rccd int a total f r ( 'l i,-'ul:, by onyw,c within ',)•_ <br />five (5),1years of the aboac date of approval w.,, fil,al plat, laving <br />• been jSled for r erd with the Auditor of Sno — C•,un ty, pursuant. to the <br />prpa'isinns of Ch. 58.17 RCF', and the resol,,tions of S-1—Ash County, and 1 <br />4ubjed.t to HmspenaUx. a attendant thereto. <br />t <br />2} -'Tiwt all subsequent deeds will contain provisions for private roads <br />.'S, the manner deaeribed herein. <br />i •,��••. Thaf•s'll melotl nopgt of any private road described by this declaration <br />E '�ha71 be,by the .dUncrs`. of the par, els having legal access therefrom or their <br />j he rs)•gasigns; or syetessars, unless and until snehroads arc improved to <br />Snohomish,County gtn'ndards, and dedicated to and accepted by Snohomish County. <br />P <br />h) ThaC any prliace rood will be subject to a utilities --art in favor <br />k' of the -plgaatoF''6r'M s vs cessor and of any electric, telephone, television cable, <br />gas, water, :or sewer rel:,pany, public or.. private, or their permittees or assigns <br />to install; co-kenO.t, 7perato, main laie;,alter, and repair their respective <br />utilities, Foga CO�r -wi ch che•kight•'of i.ngress and egress for said purposes. <br />5) lhat w -Rh respect Co'any pr,ioatc road described by this declaration <br />f[ whether is rCmai'ns pi iwa •• or becalms a dedicated county road, there is the <br />4 add iCi.,va1 right to make all "ptccs cry <br />slopes for cuts and fills; and the <br />t right Co continue to -drain said roads and ways d•cr and across any lot or <br />1 lots where the water-1.i�bE take a natural coafse upon rensonabl, grading pur- <br />.I suant to impn,vancnt £dr dedication of tKa"roads ind'-yoys shown herein. rol- <br />lowing re snnable loading pursuant Cn improvement for Sicdication of the <br />roads -1 way, shown herein, no draieagcwatorsbnany .Int or lots shall be <br />diverted or blocked from their oveniai causesoa s to discharge upon any public <br />road rights •of •way or to hamgCi grope !.Toad drainage. <br />6) That the legal descrip{ion W Six' i11""pative msp attached hereto of <br />[hie short subdivisi.n(.rc) based upon.•uccurate surveys. <br />7) That the ""a1 description of-tire•land•hercio subdivided into not more <br />than Couc (4) parcels is attached hereto sno'ineoreosated by reference as though 1 <br />fully aCG out herein. <br />8) That additional covenants, eascxmpnta,, and.•r'es trictfons, if any, solely <br />for the bene Ill of tits grantor, and his heirs, surceseops and.. assigns enforceable <br />only by such person::, arc attached her<to aa, exhibitg••' AwA•,f <br />and incorporated by reference as though only sef••out herein. <br />______________________•___-----•_._-.__---_-____---_-__.; ----------- <br />i, m Planning Department: ' <br />I. 1, Easementdescribed as "Exhibit C" above and eEtached, (a shorC•plat,k0. be <br />added to le gel dear r 1ptions of Parcels 2 3 4 <br />� � -�•� Com+ <br />c,. <br />Illttt - p <br />W <br />r _ • �• tro�125fi••f,r�'�43 � <br />780 2100 3�1 � <br />