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July 18, 2003 <br />Harold W. Anderson <br />23315 100"' Ave. W. <br />Edmonds, WA. 98026 <br />Case: # ZE-03-168 <br />Subject property: 23315 1001h Ave. W., Edmonds, WA. 98026 <br />Dear Mr. Anderson, <br />The City has received a complaint regarding a third dwelling unit created at the subject <br />property in the lower eastern section of the residence. <br />As was noted by the City of Edmonds in your original duplex application in 1979 (CU- <br />14-79) with Snohomish County, "(3) Edmonds does not allow multi family in single- <br />family zones with a Conditional Use Permit. (4) This will be a nonconforming use if this <br />area is annexed into the City, which would result in the applicant being allowed only <br />limited improvements to this property. Any improvement would need to be reviewed by <br />the Architectural Design Board. " <br />Edmonds Community Development Code (ECDC) states: <br />ECDC 17.40.010 Nonconforming uses. <br />A. Definition. A nonconforming use is one which was once allowed by applicable land <br />use regulations, but is no longer allowed, due to the passage or later change of this zoning <br />ordinance and where applicable its predecessor. <br />B. Continuation. A nonconforming use may continue, unless required to be abated by <br />subsection C of this section, but it may not be expanded in any way, including additional <br />lot area, floor area, height, number of employees, equipment, or hours of operation except <br />as otherwise provided in ECDC 17.40.050. (underline added) <br />