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CIN OF EIDMONIDS r 1215" AVENUE NORTH • EDMONDS, WA 98020 <br />PHONE: 425.771.0220 • FAX: 425.771.0221 • WEB: <br />DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT: PLANNING* BUILDING <br />September 17, 2015 <br />Richard Okimoto <br /> <br />RE: PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS FOR PLAN CHECK # 2015-0962 <br />TENANT IMPROVEMENTS AND SITE MODIFICATIONS AT 23107 100TH AVE. S <br />Dear Richard, <br />Thank you for the photos and revised site plan of August 24, 2015. 1 have reviewed these and <br />completed a site visit. Before I can sign off on the permit, the following information needs to <br />be clarified in a written response and through submittal of updated plans: <br />1. Trash enclosure and improvements near the south property line: As you are aware, <br />the site is now zoned Westgate Mixed Use. There is a 15' landscaped setback along <br />the southern boundary per ECDC since it is adjacent to residential <br />property: <br />All buildings shall be set back a minimum of 15 feet from adjacent P- or R - <br />zoned properties. The required setback from P- or R -zoned property shall be <br />permanently landscaped with trees and ground cover and permanently <br />maintained by the owner of the WMU lot. A six-foot minimum height fence, <br />wall or solid hedge running the length of the setback shall be provided within <br />the setback area. <br />Given this, the proposed location of the trash enclosure can't be permitted. On my <br />site visit I noticed that there is a handicapped parking stall immediately south of the <br />east building. This stall isn't shown on the site plan; if it is to be removed, the trash <br />enclosure could logically go there near the descending steps and still provide access <br />for the haulers (see attached markup). <br />Similarly, additional paving is proposed in the area near the 'parent drop off point'. <br />This new pavement would be located within the required setback area and that can't <br />be permitted either. No additional paving or improvements can be permitted within <br />the south property line setback area. Please revise the site plan accordingly. <br />2. Landscape plan: Please submit a landscaping plan that shows the proposed areas of <br />improvement along the south property boundary — include the area from the <br />proposed fence south of the building (Note 14 on the site plan), the 'children's play <br />area', the space between the driveway and entry that is currently paved, along with <br />the remainder of the south setback area to the east end of the parking lot (see <br />attached markup). <br />