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OV EDo City of Edmonds <br />' PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />FS r. ggo (425) 771-0220 <br />DATE: February 21, 2007 <br />TO: Suzanne Olson <br />1160 Edmonds St <br />Edmonds, WA 98020 <br />r� <br />FROM: Jenny Readwin, Plans Exa net <br />RE: Plan Check # 2007-0149 <br />Project: Olson Addition/Remodel <br />Project Address: 1160 Edmonds St. <br />During review of the above noted application, it was found that the following information, <br />corrections, or clarifications are needed. Please redline plans or submit two (2) sets of revised <br />plans/documents (affected sheets only) with a written response to each of the items below to a . <br />Permit Coordinator. <br />1) Specify on the site plan if the rockery and deck are existing or proposed. If the deck is proposed <br />please provide complete framing/foundation plans. <br />2) Show how island sink will be vented through the roof or with a loop vent as permitted by UPC <br />909.0.Air admittance valves are not permitted unless first approved by the Building Official <br />under and alternate method per UPC 301-2- <br />3) On detail B clarify how existing joists are framed into the proposed foundation wall (i.e. <br />hangers). If other than top flange hangers are used (i.e. ledger attached to concrete) the this <br />connection is non -conventional and calculations from a Washington State Licensed Professional <br />Engineer are required for bolt size and spacing and special inspections will be required for bolt <br />installation. <br />4) Also on detail B clarify height of wall. Currently plans show 7" but Pm guessing it is suppose to <br />be 7'. <br />5) On the foundation plan specify use of lower floor (i.e. unfinished basement, crawlspace, <br />bedroom, recreation room, etc.). If altering basement habitable space please provide floor plan <br />of this area to show new foundation wall. <br />6) On detail A clarify if new ceiling joists are actually hanging off the beam. According to the <br />section view the ceiling joist run the same direction as the rafters. <br />