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a� ono City of Edmonds <br />M PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />Fsr 1 �q� (425) 771-0220. <br />DATE: May 21, 2007 <br />TO: Mitch Kent <br />Mahlum Architects <br />FAX: 206-441-0478 <br />FROM: Ann Bullis, Assistant Building Official. <br />RE: Plan Check 42007-0366 & 2007-0365 <br />Project: Remodel Buildings F & H <br />Project Address: 23200 100`x' Ave W <br />During re -review of the plans for the above noted project, it was found that the following <br />information, clarifications or changes are needed. Provide written responses to each comment and <br />where changes can be found on the plans. Please submit revised plans/documents to Theresa <br />Umbaugh, Permit Coordinator. <br />3. <br />.. 4. <br />Previous items 2b & 3: The Building Official did not approve the Alternate Design request for <br />the reduced occupant load in the Staff Lounge, therefore 2 exits are required. Revise plans to <br />show second exit, and also revise Sheet G-002 to show the correct use, occupant load and exits. <br />Previous item 5: The egress gate detail has still not been provided. We only received the <br />manufacturer's information sheet for the Detex EA -500 Exit Alarm. Sheet A-113 at the egress <br />gates refers to detail 02/A402, which refers to 04/A-403 which does not show the egress gate <br />detail (it shows an elevation of H31 which appears to also be an incorrect room number — please <br />coordinate). <br />Previous item 6 and Architect letter dated 5118/07: Update plans with code information <br />provided in 5/18/07 letter. Also, update wall assemblies to be 1 -hour fire rated, and provide <br />listed and tested assembly reference (i.e. from Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual, UL <br />Directory, IBC Chapter 7 tables, etc.). Note the complete construction requirements of <br />assemblies on the plans so they are constructed and inspected properly in the field. <br />Provide listed and tested 1 -hour fire stopping assembly details and reference number (such as <br />from. UL Directory), or list as deferred submittal on the coversheet of the plans. <br />