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CITY OF EDMONDS <br />121 5"' Avenue North, Edmonds WA 98020 <br />Phone: 425.771.0220 - Fax: 425.771.0221 - Web: M�MN�.,EdinondsW ' A, <br />DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT - PLANNING DIVISION <br />9,j <br />January 30, 2014 <br />TO: Tracie Skiles / Berry Neon / q % wr be , <br />ntAsXla,� i,elLw <br />RE: Planning Division comments for building permit file RLD 2014 0079)> Bartell's Flag Pole <br />Greetings, <br />Thank you for submitting a building permit application for flag pole at 23028 100"' Avenue West (Bartell's) in the BN zone. I have <br />reviewed the above building permit application for the Planning Division and it was found that the following information, corrections, or <br />clarifications will need to be addressed before the Planning Division review can continue. <br />1. Site Plan: <br />a. Set acks — It appears that the proposed structure is set back at least 20' from the east "street" property line, as required by code. <br />However, please dimension the distance from the proposed structure to the east properly line on the site plan so this can be <br />confirmed. <br />b. Land - It appears that the structure is proposed in a parking lot landscaping island. Please confirm that no landscaping <br />will be removed with this proposal. <br />2. Height: The permit indicates both a 25' pole and a 28' pole. Please confirm that only 25' of the pole will be above ground, <br />3. I'm trying to determine how to review this proposal — is it a sign permit? If so, ECDC Chapter 20.60.005 offers the following <br />definitions: <br />"Commercial sign " is a sign displayed for the purpose of identifying a commercial use, or advertising a service, product, business or <br />venture that is offered for trade or sale. <br />"Pole signs " are freestanding signs where the structural support for the sign is a pole(s). Pole signs may include community event <br />banners where the banner is supported by at least two poles that are permanently attached to the ground ("pole -mounted community <br />event banners'). <br />"Sign " is any structure, device or fixture that is visible from a public place, that incorporates graphics, symbols, or written copy for <br />the purposes of conveying a particular message to public observers, including wall graphics or identification structures. <br />"Sign area " is the maximum actual area of a sign that is visible from any singlepoint of observation from anypublic vantage point. <br />Supporting structures which are part of a sign display shall be included in the calculation of the sign area. <br />Unfortunately, pole signs are not permitted along the WestgaWSR-104 Corridor per ECDC Chapter 20.60.020.L. I'm wondering if <br />the goal is to have a banner/flag similar to what PCC has installed across the street? If so, their sign package was reviewed and <br />approved by the Architectural Design Board (ADB) and a condition of approval was made so that the banners do not display text or a <br />commercial image, but rather coordinate with and enhance the site design. Would you like additional information on the ADB's <br />design review process for a proposal that would include wall -mounted (not pole -mounted) banners? Please elaborate on the proposal. <br />Please submit a written response to the above, along with any reviser! plans to your Permit Coordinator: Marie Harrison. If you have <br />any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look for -ward to working with you on this project, <br />Sincerely, <br />Gina,fianicek As,,,o(J(m1, t7owwr <br />City of Edmonds Development Services Department <br />121 5'h Avenue North, Edmonds WA 98020 <br />425.771.0220 x 1778 1,iM-t(�(wk,,+�S4111��rt!�tF,?W�,E!,py <br />cc: BLD 2014 0079 <br />Development Services Department Planning Division 11215" Avenue North, Edmonds WA 98020 1425,771.0220 <br />All code citations can befound online at: h(p. /wtv�vmv, orb /rne: ¢Wpppyh, 1,,'dPvondsn1 hwd- <br />