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R' kittd <br />ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING, RESTAUr <br />9924 - 225TH Place 4 (425)697-0983 email: <br />18 September 2015 <br />City of Edmonds Development Services Department <br />Building Division <br />121 5th Avenue N. <br />Edmonds, WA 98020 <br />Attn: Leif Bjorback, Building Official <br />q,e�fi µ9 jpzry i �,a� lA��cra d b _.,.gqy <br />Re: Trike Stop Daycare Center - Westgate ESP <br />BLD20150962 (Main Building) <br />Dear Leif: <br />I am responding in letter form with references as noted to a Drawing Resubmittal, dated xx September <br />2015 with all revisions noted by "cloud" and Revision Delta No. 1, in response to your initial comments <br />on behalf of the Building Division for the above referenced project. Thank you for sending my office <br />your comments dated 1 September 2015. <br />Item No. 1: <br />Sheet A-1 and Attachment Exhibits: <br />In order to show development justification for the Main Building with two distinct <br />occupancies (B and I-4) with classification as non -separated occupancies, while showing <br />compliance with IBC Table 503 which limits the allowable area for each of the occupancy types <br />to 9,000 s.f. maximum, the use of IBC Sec. 506.2, Frontage Increases are utilized since the <br />actual total area of the two occupancies is 9,916 s.f. This is the area of the existing building <br />and no increased area is a part of this current application. <br />I have utilized Frontage Increase at 100th Avenue W; and Frontage Increase between <br />the Main Building and Infant Building. I am attaching graphic exhibits to show the somewhat <br />complicated calculations for If = (F/P - 0.25)(W/30) due to the great number of 'ins and outs" <br />at the existing building perimeter in order to determine the "weighted average" of "W" in the <br />formula. <br />Calculations show that by utilizing the Frontage Increases on these two sides of the <br />existing Main Building, the allowable area can be increased from 9,000 s.f. allowable to 11,406 <br />s.f. allowable, thus the existing 9,916 s.f. is in compliance. <br />This summary is provided in a new note in the Development Justification Notes on Sheet <br />A-1. The Frontage Increase Calculations are provided separately herewith. <br />Item No. 2: <br />Sheet A-1: <br />See new Site Development Note No. 23„ <br />Item No. 3: <br />Sheets A-2: <br />A new Room Number Legend has been provided in the lower right corner of the sheet <br />for the Floor Plan explaining the wall elevation numbering system. <br />