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Plan Check Response Letter to Leif Bjorback, Building Official <br />Trike Stop Daycare Center - Westgate EBP <br />Main Building - BLD20150962 <br />18 September 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />Item No. 4: <br />Sheet A-12: <br />New Sheet A-12 contains Interior Elevations for the Visitor's Toilet, Rm. 13118, which will <br />be a guide for all toilet room fixturization and accessibility standards and clearances. <br />Item No. 5: <br />Sheets A-2 and A-9: <br />Door DBI 12 has been modified to open into Hallway B105 in order to provide the <br />clearance required on the pull side of the door. <br />The approach to Door DB118 has been modified by changing the location of the north <br />wail to provide the 24" clearance on the push side of the door. <br />Item No. 7: <br />Sheets A-4 and A-5: <br />The Light Fixture / Electrical Legend has been modified to indicate the wattage of <br />existing or new electrical light fixtures to be used on this current project. <br />Item No. 8: <br />Sheets A-4 and A-5: <br />A majority of new recessed can lights have been eliminated in order to show compliance <br />with maximum total wattage for lighting; and resubmitted forms by the Electrical Subcontractor <br />are provided. <br />Item No. 9: <br />Sheets A-4 and A-5: <br />A clarification is herewith provided regarding exterior lighting - the wall -mounted flood <br />lights shown around the building exterior are all existing, and no change is anticipated. <br />Item No. 10: <br />Sheet A-8: <br />The Room Finish Schedule has been modified to indicate a complying wainscot material <br />at all walls of Staff Toilet, Rm. B113 and Visitor's Toilet, Rm. 8118. <br />Sheet A-12: <br />This new Sheet has been added to provide Interior Elevations for the Visitor's Toilet <br />which is to provide handicapped accessibility and clearances to be used as a guide. The new <br />wainscot material WS -1 has been indicated on all walls. <br />Item No. 11: <br />Sheet A-9: <br />The Door Schedule on Sheet A-9 has been modified to specify 3'-0" wide doors at all <br />"primary function" doors. This would include Doors DB112 through D13118; D13120; DB122; <br />DB126; DB129 through DB134; and D13136. <br />Item No. 12: <br />Sheet A-11: <br />Detail 3/A-11 has been modified to indicate the wood species type and to be used as <br />blocking below the new load bearing post. <br />In addition, I herewith provide a further clarification from the Structural Engineer, Jim <br />Paustian of Pace Engineering Technologies, Inc. as follows: <br />"The wood blocking under the post has been changed to DFL, No. 2. The compression <br />perpendicular to the grain stress at the top of the post was determined on page 8 of the <br />structural calculations and found to be acceptable. The compression perpendicular to the grain <br />stress at the bottom of the post (top of blocking) is less than the calculated at the top of the <br />