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Plan Check Response Letter to Leif Bjorback, Building Official <br />Trike Stop Daycare Center — Westgate EBP <br />Main Building - BLD20150962 <br />18 September 2015 <br />Page 3 <br />post due to the bearing area being larger (5.5" x 5.5" area at bottom versus 4.4" x 5.5" area at <br />top), and is therefore, adequate by inspection." <br />Item No. 13: <br />Sheets A-3 and A-4: <br />New 4 x 6 headers are shown above Doors DB102, DB104, DB107, DB108, and DB109. <br />As noted in the Plan Correction Response for the Infant Building, the Main Building as <br />well has no shear wall panels as such. There are no hold-downs or other mechanical means for <br />securing today's typical plywood shear walls. The existing exterior sheathing material is <br />horizontal siding with a horizontal shiplap finish siding material. <br />Item No. 14: <br />Sheets A-4 and A-5: <br />Please refer to conceptual locations for new return air registers; and new Note 15 on the <br />Reflected Ceiling / Lighting Plan Notes, which clarifies that mechanical ventilation will be <br />provided with new return air registers in each room complying with the International Mechanical <br />Code Section 401.2. It is also noted that the mechanical subcontractor is to provide drawings <br />for location of registers, ducting modifications, and controls for the revised HVAC system, and <br />to secure permits as may be required by the City of Edmonds. <br />Item Nos. 15 and 16: <br />Sheets A-4 and A-5: <br />The Light Fixture / Electrical Legend has been modified to indicate that the Combination <br />Light Fixture Exhaust Fan is to provide minimum rates of exhaust as specified for continuous or <br />intermittent use - at different rates for Toilet Rooms and for Laundry Room. <br />Item No. 17: <br />Sheet A-2, A-3, and A-8: <br />Sheet A-8 has been modified to show a new Schedule for Heating and Air Conditioning <br />Units Legend. The existing Forced Air Units have been identified and are keyed to the Floor <br />Plans on Sheets A-2 and A-3. The Legend also clarifies that those FAU units are existing and <br />are to remain. The only changes are to the underfloor ducting distribution system to be <br />modified to properly serve the new room layouts in the Daycare Center portion only. All ducting <br />and control changes are to be coordinated by the HVAC subcontractor and applications for <br />permit are to be submitted to the City of Edmonds and secured by the subcontractor under <br />separate permit as may be required. <br />Please do contact me if you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this Plan Check <br />Response Letter which will accompany Resubmittal Sets of Drawings dated 28 August 2015 with <br />changes identified with "revision clouds" and Delta No. 1. Thank you for your continuing assistance. <br />•slnrely your,, , <br />AV <br />T h a r"- A. 6kimot0, Architect <br />encl: Frontage Increase Calculation Diagrams <br />cc: Autumn Snow <br />SAW Construction <br />