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<br />City of Edmonds <br />PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />(425) 771-0220 <br /> <br />DATE: September 1, 2015 <br /> <br />TO: Richard Okimoto <br /> Email: <br /> <br />FROM: Leif Bjorback, Building Official <br /> <br />RE: Plan Check: BLD2015-0962 <br /> Project: Trike Stop Main Building <br />th <br /> Project Address: 23107 100 Ave W <br /> <br />During review of the plans for the above noted project, it was found that the following information, <br />clarifications or changes are needed. Please provide written responses as to where the changes can be found <br />on the plans, and submit revised plans/documents to a permit coordinator in the Development Services <br />Department. Thank you. <br /> <br />General <br />1.The use of non-separated occupancies (B and I-4) requires that allowable area of each occupancy <br />group be evaluated separately using the floor area of the entire building (not just the area of the <br />respective occupancies.) Thus, the analysis provided does not demonstrate compliance with IBC <br />508.3. I suggest you try calculating allowable area using frontage increase per IBC 506.2 to justify the <br />non-separated occupancies. <br /> <br />Sheet A-1 <br />2.Add a note on the site plan to indicate an accessible route from the parent dropoff to and including the <br />main accessible entrance. <br />Sheet A-2 <br />3.Room identification symbols (numbers) are shown on the plan, seemingly with references to room <br />elevation views (the numerals 1,2,3 and 4 surround the room number) but none are found. Please <br />clarify these symbols. <br />4.Provide details and dimensions for accessible fixtures and features in all restrooms to show <br />compliance with ICC A117.1 chapter 6. <br />5.The door approach at Door DB112 is inadequate. A minimum of 18 inches of clear floor space is <br />required beyond the latch on the pull side of the door. ICC A177.1 section 404.2.3 <br />6.The door approach at Door DB118 is inadequate. A minimum of 24 inches of clear floor space is <br />required beyond the latch on the push side of the door. ICC A177.1 section 404.2.3 <br />Sheet A-4 <br />7.Indicate the wattage for each individual light fixture on the Light Fixture Legend to allow for correct <br />installation and inspection. WSEC C405 <br />8.Both of the Interior Lighting Space-by-Space forms provided indicate non-compliance for allowed <br />wattage. Please revise the forms and the plans in order to meet the provisions of the WSEC for <br />lighting. <br />9.Fill out and submit the Exterior Lighting Summary form and verify the exterior lighting shown on the <br />plans complies with the form. (The EXT-LTG forms submitted were not filled out.) <br />Sheet A-8 <br /> <br /> <br />