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Iti Ih NnINrd A., GkiNNm oto Architect, lix. <br />+"dRo;,NBNTI11 (TNII• V , V"N.. II UN➢VVV ,n, III "wIIAUIIw!'PIf NV'NIIN VV%OIIw <br />u V I :11� Ill _W, t/VA 98020 1119),l _eh 4 ( 3 ('111111,11H, II tl1c!d111 dpQ011V111niik 1YVuol]fll <br />18 December 2015 <br />City of Edmonds Office of Fire Marshal <br />121 5th Avenue N. <br />Edmonds, WA 98020 <br />Attn: Fire Marshal John J. Westfall <br />Re: Trike Stop Daycare Center — Westgate EBP <br />BLD20150962 (Main Building) <br />Dear John: <br />I am responding in letter form with references as noted to Drawing Resubmittals, dated 18 September <br />2015 and 17 December 2015 with all revisions noted by "cloud" and Revision Deltas No. 1 and No. 2, in <br />response to your initial comments on behalf of the Office of the Fire Marshal for the above referenced <br />project. I make reference to the Memorandum from your office dated 23 September 2015, and my <br />responses make reference to those Item Numbers. <br />Item No. 1: <br />Sheet A-1: In the "Development Justification" area of the Cover Sheet I have shown the <br />calculation method used for increasing the allowable area for the Main Building by utilizing frontage <br />increases. In your Memo of 23 September 2015 you noted that the City of Edmonds Fire Department <br />was of the opinion that my calculations "had merit", but that I should make contact with Barbara <br />McMullen of OSFM to verify if this calculation method would meet licensing approval. <br />I sent a couple of emailed messages to Ms. McMullen, and in the last one I received she <br />indicated she would be contacting you to coordinate this matter. I sent her another message, today, 18 <br />December 2015, as I had not been notified of any resolution, and I am hoping she will and your office <br />will be able to come to agreement. <br />Item No. 2: <br />Sheet A-1: The Sheet Index has been "clouded" and identified with Delta No. 2 to clarify that <br />the Infant Building Submittal address is 23105 100th- Avenue W., and the Main Building Submittal <br />address is 23107 100th Avenue W, Edmonds, WA 98020. <br />Item No. 3: <br />Sheet A-1: Please refer to a new section of notes identified as "Requirements for Permit from <br />City of Edmonds Office of the Fire Marshal" under Project Scope of Work. Fire Alarm Permit required to <br />be secured by the General Contractor for a manual fire alarm system and occupant notification <br />throughout the fire area with emergency voice notification per IFC 907.5.2.2 throughout child care <br />areas. <br />Item No. 4: <br />Sheet A-4, Reflected Ceiling and Lighting Plan. This exhibit has been modified to indicate <br />carbon monoxide detectors with audible notification complying with IFC 908.7 (WA) Exc. 1, per added <br />item in the Electrical Fixture Legend, and with detectors shown in Rooms B114, B116, and B123, those <br />room with a potential for napping areas. <br />