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Rid''tard A. Oldrnoto Architect, Ing. <br />ARCH I I CIUI I: , I''IAN1\IING, 14.SAUFl ANT Ufll RI CIRS <br />e.� ; arJlll f'kin, SVV, I diru-)ilds, WA 98ff "fl 1>`1M, Cell (�l'15,�)bc)�/ (I1)83 enl,)d: i im"al110�fiflilldsIn )q r;om <br />18 December 2015 <br />City of Edmonds Planning Department <br />121 5t" Avenue N. <br />Edmonds, WA 98020 <br />Attn: Mike Clugston, AICP <br />Re: Trike Stop Daycare Center - Westgate EBP <br />BLD20150962 (Main Building) <br />Dear Mike; <br />I am responding in letter form with references as noted to Drawing Resubmittals, dated 18 September <br />2015 and 17 December 2015 with all revisions noted by "cloud" and Revision Delta No. 1 and Delta No. <br />2, in response to your initial comments on behalf of the Planning Department for the above referenced <br />project. I make reference to the Memorandum from your office dated 17 September 2015, and my <br />responses make reference to those Item Numbers. <br />Item No. 1: <br />Sheet SP (New Site Plan Sheet), and A-11 (Details). The Trash Enclosure has been relocated to <br />the south side of the Infant Building and away from the 15' structural setback from the adjacent <br />residential property lines. Please refer to Details 9/A-11 and 10/A-11 for the Trash Enclosure <br />Construction notes and details. <br />You also noted that new paving in the 15' setback area was being called into question. When <br />you and I discussed this matter over the counter on 18 September 2015, you indicated you might be <br />able to provide exception if the area of paving for the final plans did not exceed the original paving area <br />for the Entry Walkway, parking and backup areas. I herewith provide the summary calculations for <br />your consideration: <br />a.) Original paved area of walkway, parking area, and backup space = 1,504 s.f. <br />b.) New walkway, Parent Drop-off, and sidewalk area = 1,049 s.f. <br />Thus, the new paved area is 455 s.f. less than the original paved area; and if you would review <br />the resubmitted Site Plan, Sheet SP, the area that intrudes into the 15' setback is quite small - <br />approximately 30 s.f. We ask for an exception in this case. <br />Item No. 2: <br />The Owners have retained the services of a licensed Landscape Architect, John Rubenkonig, <br />whose new Drawings have been submitted For review and approval. His immediate areas of <br />concentration have been directed to identifying any trees to be removed due to hazardous or diseased <br />condition; to replacing or supplementing landscape material to satisfactorily screen the current project <br />from the adjacent residential properties to the south and east sides of the property; and to further <br />defining some of the landscape elements in the new Entry Walkway and Parent Drop-off Areas. <br />John Rubenkonig will provide as necessary at a later date, more specific specification of <br />materials and details for the Play Area. Suffice it for now to indicate that no new structures will be <br />placed in the setback areas. <br />