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Richard -A. ,QkimArch tect Inc. <br />AR&�ki','PLANNING, RESTAURANT INTERIORS <br />9924 - 225TH Place SW, Edmonds, WA 98020-5924 Cell (425)697-0983 email: <br />7 January 2016 <br />City of Edmonds, WA <br />Development Services Department <br />121 5th Avenue North <br />Edmonds, WA 98020 <br />Attn: Planning Department and Building Department <br />Linda Thornquist, Permit Specialist <br />Re: Trike Stop Daycare Center - Westgate EBP <br />Main Building, BLD2O15-0962 - (Permit Pending) <br />+Fite Pian revision a mmar <br />Dear Ms. Thornquist: <br />JAre `l a �M4M <br />C�JI�I�dl'��:wlC <br />I am writing this letter to the City of Edmonds regarding the Trike Stop Daycare Center located at <br />23105 and 23107 100th Avenue W, Edmonds, WA 98020. The Main Building is currently in Plan Check <br />and the Permit is pending under Application BLD2015-0962. <br />Based on recent coordination with City staff and the General Contractor, my office has been tasked with <br />modifying the east or rear parking lot design - the main objective being to locate the handicapped <br />parking space at a location wherein appropriate grade elevations are met for handicapped access to the <br />building. The basic solution involves relocating the handicapped stall adjacent to the east side of the <br />Infant Building, and providing painted, striped path markings on the a.c. paving, which are new shown <br />on the Revised Site Plan, dated 7 January 2016 and identified by Revision Delta No. 3. Handicapped <br />signage in the area is identified as well. <br />The other revision shown on the Site Plan, Sheet SP, is 60 -degree angled parking with one-way traffic <br />aisle in a counter -clockwise direction. The General Contractor will be required to provide adequate, <br />painted arrows meeting City standards, on the a.c. paving surface to clearly indicate this one-way <br />traffic. The size of parking stalls and one-way drive aisle widths are shown on the Site Plan, Sheet SP, <br />and follow design guidelines from City of Edmonds, Chapter 18.95, Parking Lot Construction, and Figure <br />18-1 guidelines for stall sizing and one-way drive aisle width based on 60 degree parking layout. <br />The Architect's own field measurement from the face of the Infant Building to the toe of the rock <br />revetment on the east side of the Infant Building - the east parking lot - indicate there is adequate <br />space for the required dimensions to be provided based on the guidelines from Figure 18-1. <br />One consequence of the angled parking concept is that there is net loss of one (1) parking space, so the <br />final parking count provided on site is now thirty (30) including two (2) handicapped parking stalls. This <br />has been noted on the Cover Sheet, Sheet A-1, and identified by Revision Delta No. 3. It is my <br />evaluation that the 30 spaces provided should be adequate to comply for the calculated 30.1725 spaces <br />