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Richard Okimoto <br />From: Richard Okimoto <> RECEIVED <br />Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 5:05 PM <br />To: '' JAN 0 0 cgl6 <br />Cc: 'Autumn Snow'; 'Snow, Wesley' <br />Subject: Letter of Understanding, dated 5 January 2016 )EVELOPI ENT SERVICES <br />Attachments: CCF01052016_00000 jpg; CCF01052016_00001 jpg COUNTER <br />Dear Linda, <br />I just missed getting into the front door of City offices tonight, so I am sending you a scanned copy of a letter I have <br />addressed to the Development Services Department and to your attention. I will follow up on Thursday by delivering <br />the original to your office. <br />I am providing what I have termed a "Letter of Understanding" to clarify the scope of work between the two Permit <br />Applications for the Trike Stop Daycare Center project — Infant Building versus Main Building, each of which is to be <br />constructed under separate permits. <br />The letter also summarizes the conversation City staff had with Wes Snow of SAW Construction, the General Contractor <br />for the project, when he visit with you and others today. I would appreciate it if you would distribute the letter as may <br />be appropriate in order that there be no misunderstanding about the scope of work necessary in order for Autumn <br />Snow to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the Infant Building — hopefully this week. If you or any other staff member <br />wishes to provide addendum to this letter, I would appreciate being advised as soon as possible. <br />Also, the letter summarizes the history of the location of the New Trash Enclosure — the latest direction coming from <br />City staff in the meeting today with Wes Snow. If the concerns of Michael Clugston in Planning can be mitigated, I do <br />believe the better location is in the sideyard as staff indicated today, but at this point in time we have been given <br />conflicting direction. I would appreciate your continuing assistance in order to give us final direction for the location. <br />Please do contact me if you have any questions or concerns that would best be discussed by phone or email in order for <br />all to be quickly resolved. My thanks for your continuing assistance. <br />Best wishes, <br />Richard A. Okimoto, Architect <br />4Zkhard-A. okimoto Architect, Inc <br />9924 - 225th Place SW, Edmonds, WA 96020 r924 <br />(ifk grin rrwruhi„ q rrn�: pri (425)697-09$3 mobile <br />