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<br />Template: Memo formPage of <br />?? <br />From: Westfall, John <br />Sent: <br /> Thursday, May 31, 2007 5:15 PM <br />To: <br /> Umbaugh, Theresa <br />Cc: <br /> ''; ''; Bullis, Ann; McConnell, Jeanie; Smith, <br />Mike <br />Subject: <br /> BLD200703656 Former EWHS Int Ext Reply.doc <br />? <br />Fire dept comments upon 5/7/2007 response and 5/8/2007 re submittal. <br />MEMORANDUM <br />Date:May 31, 2007 <br />To:Development Services Lead Theresa Umbaugh <br />From:John Westfall, Fire Marshal (425) 7710213 <br />? <br />Subject:BLD20070365 Former EWHS Parking/Ext/Bldg H <br />BLD20070366 Former EWHS Interior/Bldg F <br />th <br />23200 100 Ave W <br />Replies to your May 7 responses. <br />BLD20070365 <br />Shts A101A&B <br />? <br />1.Fire apparatus access: <br />a.OK. Fire alarm permits deferred. <br />b.Call out fire access lane from north roadway continuing to approved turnaround at the <br />location of existing trash/recycle area. Show clear widths and turn radii along FD access <br />routes around site where existing. Use COE Standard detail E2.5 <br /> <br />? <br />Not shown on A505 as responded. <br />? <br />c.OK. <br />d.Please call me at 4257710213 to schedule onsite visit to discuss fire dept access, <br />??? <br />notification and plan are required prior to fire approval for permit.l. <br />OK. <br />e. <br />2.Fire hydrants <br />a.OK. <br />b.Note on site plan: FH location shall be identified by the installation of approved blue <br />? <br />pavement reflective markers in center of drive aisle perpendicular to the hydrant <br />location. <br />? <br />c.Fire hydrant standards from ECDC do not provide for existing conditionallowances. <br />?? <br />Note on site plan: Install ¼ turn 4Storztype adaptor for private hydrants not in <br />??? <br />compliance. <br />? <br />BLD20070366 <br />1.OK. <br />2.Sheet G002 OK. Thank you. Please correct OL to 49 for rooms H8, H10, H16 & H19 per <br />? <br />Building Official determination letter dtd 5/21/07 <br />? <br />3.OK. <br />file:///C:/Users/cockrum/AppData/Local/Temp/BLD200703656%20Former%20EWHS%...7/10/2017 <br />? <br /> <br />