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<br />CITY OF EDMONDS <br />CRITICAL AREAS RECONNAISSANCE REPORT <br />th <br />Site Location:Tax Acct. Number: <br /> 24011 – 79 Place West 00511600001400 <br />Determination:Determination #: <br />Study Required CRA-2006-0144 <br />Applicant:Owner: <br /> Stephen Volpone Eugene Ficek <br />CRITICAL AREAS RECONNAISSANCE REPORT:STUDY REQUIRED <br />During review and inspection of the subject site, it was found that the site contains critical areas, <br />including an Erosion Hazard Area, pursuant to Chapters 23.40 and 23.80 of the Edmonds <br />Community Development Code (ECDC). <br />GENERAL CRITICAL AREAS REPORT REQUIREMENTS <br />Critical Areas Reports identify, classify, and delineate any areas on or adjacent to the subject <br />property that may qualify as critical areas. They also assess these areas and identify any <br />potential impacts resulting from your specific development proposal. If a specific development <br />proposal results in an alteration to a critical area, the critical areas report will also contain a <br />mitigation plan. You have the option of completing the portion of the study that classifies and <br />delineates the critical areas and waiting until you have a specific development proposal to <br />complete the study. You may also choose to submit the entire study with your specific <br />development application. <br /> Please review the minimum report requirements for all types of Critical Areas that are <br />listed in ECDC 23.40.090.D. There are additional report requirements for different types <br />of critical areas (see below). <br /> Note that it is important for the report to be prepared by a qualified professional as <br />defined in the ordinance. There are options on how to complete a critical areas study, <br />and there is an approved list of consultants that you may choose from. You may contact <br />the Planning Division for more information. <br /> General Mitigation Requirements for all Critical Areas are discussed in ECDC 23.40.110 <br />through 23.40.140. <br />STUDY REQUIREMENT – EROSION HAZARD AREA <br />It appears that this property contains or is adjacent to an Erosion Hazard Area. Erosion Hazard <br />Areas include: <br /> Those areas with Alderwood and Everett series soils on slopes of 15 percent or greater. <br /> Any area with slopes of 15 percent or greater and impermeable soils interbedded with <br />granular soils and springs or ground water seepage. <br /> Areas with significant visible evidence of ground water seepage, and which also include <br />existing landslide deposits regardless of slope. <br />1 <br /> <br />