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<br /> <br />MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />Date:November 6, 2014 <br /> <br />To:Autumn Snow, <br /> <br /> <br />From:John Westfall, Fire Marshal 425.771.0213 <br /> <br />th <br />Subject:DRC 2014-0010 CHILDCARE FACILITY 23103-07 100 Ave W <br /> <br /> <br />The Fire Department provides the following comments and corrections in accordance with the 2012 <br />International Fire Code and Edmonds Community Development Code Title 19 for Childcare <br />Facilities. <br /> <br />QUESTIONS: <br />If I keep ages 6 weeks-2.5 y.o. in Ste 3 could I sprinkler just that building? YES. <br />Would it make a difference if the Trike Stop owned the facility & the Infant Home (two separate <br />entities) leased suite 3? NO DIFFERENCE: REQUIREMENTS ARE DEPENDENT UPON AGE, <br />NUMBER, AND FUNCTION OF OCCUPANCY TYPE, NOT OWNERSHIP. <br />If I have ages 2.5 years-5 y.o in suites 6 & 1 would I have to sprinkler that building? If there were <br />more than 50 (Occupant Load)? YES. 50 or less? NO. (WHEN CALCULATED IN BOTH CASES <br />USING TABLE 1004.1.2) IFC 903.2.3 <br />If ages 6 weeks-5years were in suites 6 & 1 would I be required to sprinkler the entire building? <br />Even suites 4, 2 & 5 that are leased out by other businesses? <br />-YES, WHERE I-4 CUSTODIAL CARE IS FOR GREATER THAN 5 AND EXITS ARE NOT <br />PROVIDED FROM EACH DAYCARE AREA DIRECT TO EXITS (IFC 903.2.6 EXC 3), THE ENTIRE <br />FLOOR WHERE “FIRE AREA” IS LOCATED IS REQUIRED TO BE SPRINKLERED, IFC 903.2.1.3. <br />-MAYBE, WHEN E OCCUPANT LOAD GREATER THAN 50, SPRINKLER WILL BE <br />REQUIRED IN THE OCCUPANCY SPACE (FIRE AREA) THAT COULD BE LIMITED ON ALL <br />SIDES FROM REST OF BUILDING BY 2 HR FR SEPARATION, IBC TABLE 508.4. <br />What if I kept the childcare facility completely in suites 6, 1 & 5? Suite 5 is also a completely <br />detached structure. PLANS INDICATE ATTACHED HALLWAY CONNECTING SUITE 5 TO <br />SUITES 6 & 1. IF SUITE 5 IS DETACHED IT CAN BE TREATED SIMILARLY TO SUITE 3, ABOVE. <br /> <br />POTENTIAL REQUIREMENTS: <br />Fire Sprinkler System: Group E over 50 or Group I4 over 5 (without exit at grade). <br />Fire Alarm System over 50 occupant load, including occupant notification system. <br />Provide minimum rated 2A:10B:C portable fire extinguishers in accordance with NFPA 10. <br />Provide Snohomish County FD#1 Knoxbox, <br /> <br />LICENSING REQUIREMENTS: <br />State Fire Marshal and Dept of Early Learning may have additional licensing requirements for your <br />business activities. <br />City of Edmonds Office of Fire Marshal <br /> <br /> <br />