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(425) 77.4 9022 <br />Mr. Krestel, <br />23 107 100th Avc, W, Suitc I <br />EdM(AIdS, WA 98020 <br />Thank you for laking the time to tOok over my prow ect so ctosely with Richard Okimototo <br />help Lis, come UP wi I h the best option for our facility,. I wholeheartedly agree to the below requests <br />and car: assure you we wili operate our kitchen appropriateiy. Please Bet me know if fl-rere is <br />anything e9se B can get for you. <br />No garbage disposer is to be installed in the sink drain to ovoidwhoiesr,.0 e shredding and <br />subsequent discharge of food waste. <br />A rnesh strainer is to be pksced at afl firnes in the sink drain or droins, to capture food <br />particles. <br />The kitchen staff to be trained in rind iricorporate kitchen Best Management Practices <br />(BMP's) SUch as scraping food waste into solid waste, using sink strainers, using a grease <br />container and riot pouaing ii down the drain, etc <br />Autumn Snow, owner <br />4/l/2016 <br />