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<br />City of Edmonds <br />PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS <br />BUILDING DIVISION <br />(425) 771-0220 <br /> <br /> <br />DATE: April 25, 2007 <br /> <br />TO: Edmonds School District, Attention Matt <br /> FAX: 206-441-0478 <br /> <br />FROM: Ann Bullis, Assistant Building Official <br /> <br />RE: Plan Check #2007-0366 & 2007-0365 <br /> Project: Remodel Buildings F & H <br />th <br /> Project Address: 23200 100 Ave W <br /> <br />During review of the plans for the above noted project, it was found that the following information, <br />clarifications or changes are needed. Provide written responses to each comment and where changes can be <br />found on the plans. Please submit revised plans/documents to Theresa Umbaugh, Permit Coordinator. <br /> <br />1.The school was originally built while under jurisdiction of Snohomish County, so the City has no <br />archived plans for reference. Therefore, the architect needs to provide all basic code information for the <br />buildings such as type of construction, occupancies, fire and life-safety information, fire resistive <br />construction, exiting, occupancy separations, fire rated corridors, year built, etc. <br />2.Note on the coversheet that separate permits will be required for the fire alarm system revisions <br />(separate permit for each building). <br />3.The Fire Marshal has informed me that the buildings are not currently provided with an automatic fire <br />sprinkler system, therefore the 1/3 diagonal spacing of exits noted on sheet G002 needs to be revised to <br />½ diagonal. Also on Sheet G002, show the actual dimensioned distance between exits in the following <br />rooms: Library (H18, H17, H22), Staff Lounge (H30, H28), and combined Computer Lab F5 & Read <br />F4. <br />4.Provide floor areas for the following rooms so that occupant load and exiting can be verified: Library <br />(H18, H17, H22), Staff Lounge (H30, H28), and combined Computer Lab F5 & Read F4. <br />5.The occupant load of the new staff lounge area exceeds 49 requiring 2 exits spaced apart ½ the overall <br />diagonal dimension of the room. <br />6.Provide occupant load for each space on G-002. <br />7.For the shaded areas on Sheet G-002, note the floor areas and occupant load factors. Rooms with an <br />occupant load of 50 or more require 2 exits. <br />8.Provide a detail and hardware information for the proposed egress gates. <br />9.Show locations of existing fire rated construction (sheet G-002 notes this in the legend but no <br />information is provided). <br />10.Justify the proposed unrated doors and openings (such as at H32) into the corridor. <br />11.Provide locations of all exit signage and emergency lighting locations. <br />12.At the student store, the point of sale counter must be accessible (ICC/ANSI A117.1 section 904). <br />13.Add insulated trap requirements at the accessible restroom lavs. <br />14.The alterations require accessibility upgrades per IBC/WAC 3409.6. On the plans clearly show that the <br />exterior and interior accessible route of travel complies with current code, or provide upgrades per the <br />previously referenced section. If you choose to use exception #1 of that section, provide a letter <br />stamped and signed by the architect (reference the code exception), stating what parts of the existing site <br /> <br />