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STATUS: ISSUED <br />BLD20170043 <br />• Gas pipe test mast be observed by City Building Inspector, affidavits shall not be accepted. <br />• Final approval on a project or final occupancy approval must be granted by the Building Official prior to use or occupancy of <br />the building or structure. Check the job card for all required City inspections including final project approval and final <br />occupancy inspections. <br />• Any request for alternate design, modification, variance or other administrative deviation (hereinafter "variance") from <br />adopted codes, ordinances or policies mast be specifically requested in writing and be called out and identified. Processing <br />fees for such request shallbe established by Council and shallbe paid upon submittal and are non-refundable. <br />• Approval of any plat or plan containing provisions which do not comply with city code and for which a variance has not been <br />specifically identified, requested and considered by the appropriate city official in accordance with the appropriate provision <br />of city code or state law does not approve any items not to code specification. <br />• Sound/Noise originating fromtemporary construction sites as a result of construction activity are erempt fromthe noise limits <br />of ECC Chapter 5.30 only during the hours of 7:00amto 6:00pmon weekdays and 10:00amand 6:00pmon Saturdays, excluding <br />Sundays and Federal Holidays. At all other times the noise originating from construction sites/activities must comply with the <br />noise limits of Chapter 5.30, unless a variance has been granted pursuant to ECC 5.30.120. <br />• Applicant, on behalf of his or her spouse, heirs, assigns, and successors in interests, agrees to indemnify defend and hold <br />harmless the City of Edmonds, Washington, its officials, employees, and agents fromany and allclaims for damages of <br />whatever nature, arising directly or indirectly fromthe issuance forthis pemrit. Issuance of this permit shall not be deemed to <br />modify, waive or reduce any requirements of any City ordinance nor limit in any way the City's ability to enforce any ordinance <br />provision. <br />THIS PERMIT AUTHORIZES ONLY THE WORK NOTED. THIS PERMIT COVERS WORK TO BE DONE ON PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY. ANY CONSTRUCT ON ON THE <br />PUBLIC DOMAIN (CURBS, SIDEWALKS, DRIVEWAYS, MARQUEES, ETC.) WILL REQUIRE SEPARATE PERMISSION. <br />PERMIT TIME LIMIT: SEE ECDC 19.00.005(A)(6) <br />BUILDING (425) 771-0220 EXT. 1333 1 ENGINEERING (425) 771-0220 EXT. 1326 1 FIRE (425) 775-7720 <br />PUBLIC WORKS (425) 771-0235 1 PRE TREATMENT (425) 672-5755 1 RECYCLING (425) 275-4801 <br />When calling for an inspection please leave the following information: Permit Number, Job Site Address, Type of Inspection being <br />requested, Contact Name and Phone Number, Date Prefereed, and whether you prefer morning or afternoon <br />• B -Gas Test/Pipe <br />