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ORDINANCE NO. 2102 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, <br />AMENDING THE OFFICIAL ZONING MAP OF THE CITY OF <br />EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, BY CHANGING THE ZONING <br />CLASSIFICATION OF CERTAIN PROPERTY LOCATED WITH- <br />IN SAID CITY FROM SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE 8,000 <br />(RS 8) TO NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS (BN), AND <br />AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF AN AGREEMENT AND <br />COVENANTS, PURSUANT TO PLANNING COMMISSION RESO- <br />LUTION NO. 632. <br />WHEREAS, the Edmonds Planning Commission has held a <br />public hearing and has forwarded its.recommendations to the City <br />Council in Resolution No. 632, and <br />WHEREAS, a public hearing was called by the City Council <br />of the City of Edmonds, Washington, and at the conclusion of said <br />hearing the City Council having determined as follows: <br />1. That the proposed zoning change conforms with the <br />intent of the Comprehensive Policy Plan. <br />2. That the surrounding neighborhood has undergone sub- <br />stantial change due to increased traffic and commercial development. <br />3. That reclassifying the property to BN, subject to <br />the additional limitations on the use of the property imposed by <br />the contract tendered by the owner to the City, will allow develop- <br />ment which is compatible with adjoining uses and appropriate for the <br />area. <br />4. The proposed zoning change as limited by contract, <br />bears a reasonable relationship to the zoning and uses of the <br />surrounding and nearby properties and will provide a buffer use <br />-1- <br />