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<br /> <br /> <br />X-Ray Facility Plan Review <br />To ensure that adequate lead is installed in the walls, floor, ceiling and/or operator's booth, <br />Chapter WAC requires that new, remodeled or re-located medical X-ray facilities submit <br />246-225 <br />shielding calculations before construction begins, or before the X-ray machine is moved. <br />Look up these requirements in your copy of the WAC or call 1-800-299-XRAY for a copy. <br />The following sequence of events should take place: <br />1 - Plan Review <br /> <br /> <br />Qualified Experts List <br />· <br />X-Ray Shielding Plan Review: <br /> <br />· <br /> <br /> <br />Information for Registrants <br />· <br /> <br /> <br />Information for Qualified Experts <br />· <br />Work with your architect, contractor, or X-ray installer to hire a qualified expert to perform the <br />shielding calculations. You will need to provide information on projected workload, techniques to be <br />used, exam types to be done, layout of room, occupancy of adjacent space, etc. A <br />Qualified Experts <br /> is provided. You should contact several experts on the list to see how much they charge and <br />List <br />when they can do the calculations for you. When complete, the floor plan and shielding calculations <br />are sent to us for review: , packet for registrants. <br />X-Ray Shielding Plan Review Procedure (Word) <br /> or mail them to <br />Send the documents by e-mail <br />X-Ray Program <br />Washington State Department of Health <br />P.O. Box 47827 <br />Olympia WA 98504-7827 <br />Without the cover sheet and appropriate plan review fees the plans will be returned to the sender. If <br />the plans meet shielding requirements, we send an acceptance letter to you. Use of the X-ray <br />equipment cannot begin until after you have received the review letter from our office. <br />There is a $656 late fee if our review is not done before X-ray machine use. <br />2 - Installation, Registration and Fees <br />When your X-ray machine is installed (or moved) the installer is required to send us a Report of <br />Assembly. Other copies of this report go to you and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. When we <br />receive this report, we then match it with the shielding calculations and the floor plan. You must then <br /> <br />