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submit a Registration Application Package (for new facilities only) and any appropriate fees to <br />the (DOR). are charged based upon the type <br />Department of Revenue Business Licensing ServicesFees <br />of practice (medical, dental, veterinary, industrial, etc.) and number and type of X-ray <br />machines. Every year thereafter, your facility will be billed through Department of Licensing <br />(DOL) for re-registration. There is no additional fee for routine inspections. <br />3 - Inspection <br />The final step in this process is the inspection done by one of our X-ray inspectors who will call you <br />and make an appointment. The facility floor plan and shielding will be verified against the plan <br />submitted, and the X-ray machine will be tested to ensure that it is performing according to <br />standards found in . <br />WAC 246-225 <br />Exemptions <br />Note that radiographic diagnostic veterinary, podiatric and dental facilities are exempt from <br />submitting shielding calculations and floor plans, but the radiation safety standards in <br />WAC 246-225 <br />must be followed. For dental and podiatric facilities, these standards include the requirement for a <br />proper exposure switch/button placement (permanently mounted in a protected area), and for <br />podiatric and dental extra-oral (cephalometric or panoramic) systems, a means of viewing the patient <br />during the exposure (plate glass window, mirror or video). For dental cephalometric and podiatric <br />facilities, primary beam shielding should be considered if the primary beam is directed toward <br />occupied areas. <br /> <br />