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code does not say how long it lasts. In his opinion, not so much time has passed that the waiver would <br />have expired at this point. He summarized he did not think any Council action was necessary tonight. <br />Councilmember L. Johnson questioned why the Council would vote again if they have already voted. <br />Councilmember Buckshnis said her issue was there was a lot of confusion going on out there. In reading <br />the November 17"' minutes, it is not structured like normal motions and talks about the safety interests of <br />the community and does not refer to a code number. As a Councilmember, she has every right to restate <br />or put a new motion on, recalling Mayor Nelson did it when he wanted to take the gun issue off the <br />emergency ordinance and the Council has corrected minutes and notes in the past. Her intent was to <br />restate what she believed happened. She envisioned it being a simple vote, something that would only <br />take five minutes. <br />Council President Paine opined that this has already been asked and answered. She recalled that was a <br />lengthy meeting that lasted close to 11 p.m. She reviewed the November 171" minutes earlier today and <br />did not believe there had been a substantial change in circumstance to put the Council in a position where <br />it needed to vote over again. One of the options is for a Councilmember to address this in their closing <br />comments as well as other opportunities. She noted the minutes and video of the meeting are available. <br />Councilmember Fraley-Monillas agreed with Council President Paine. She pointed out as the Mayor's <br />office notified, he plans to seek applicants for this position again. If he brings forward only one candidate, <br />"that candidate could be any number of a bunch of people." Her concern was without some way to <br />reverse this and allow three candidates to come forward, the Mayor can bring one candidate forward and <br />if the Council turns that candidate down, the Mayor will need to begin the process again. She was unsure <br />creating this vortex would reach the resolution people are interested in. She relayed her understanding of <br />Mr. Taraday's explanation that the ordinance the Council passed allowed for two candidates which she <br />assumed was better than one. She wanted to ensure the Council understood that if they continued with <br />two candidates, they may end up with something they potentially do not want. Tonight's discussion is <br />related to reaffirming the two candidate principle that was passed in November. She suggested <br />Councilmembers vote down the motion. <br />Having just joined the meeting, Councilmember K. Johnson requested the motion be restated. Mayor <br />Nelson restated the motion as follows: <br />ADD ACTION ITEM 9.5 REGARDING ADDITIONAL ROUND OF INTERVIEWS. <br />Councilmember K. Johnson expressed support for the motion. She said it was clear that Councilmember <br />Fraley-Monillas doesn't like Jim Lawless and will do anything to avoid giving him the position. <br />Councilmember Fraley-Monillas raised a point of order. Mayor Nelson requested Councilmembers refrain <br />from personal attacks against colleagues on the dais. Councilmember K. Johnson said she thought she <br />was just stating the obvious. <br />Councilmember Fraley-Monillas said she has nothing against Mr. Lawless and has worked very well with <br />him for 11 years. Her comments were related to the Mayor's ability to bring three candidates forward. <br />Councilmember Olson said the vote to bring forward two candidates was related to specific candidates <br />who were identified at the time. She did not believe that vote obliged the Council to accept two <br />candidates going forward. She asked the City Attorney to confirm that, expressing concern that inaccurate <br />information had been added to conversation. Mr. Taraday explained in November the Council allowed a <br />waiver to go from three candidates to two candidates; those candidates being Pruitt and Lawless. At the <br />minute that the Council authorized that waiver, it essentially authorized the Mayor to appoint either of <br />those two candidates. That waiver has some lifespan, he could not say exactly how long the lifespan of <br />that waiver is; fairly it is probably still in effect today. If the Mayor conducts another recruitment and that <br />Edmonds City Council Approved Minutes <br />January 5, 2021 <br />Page 3 <br />