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The guests thanked the City for the proclamation. Ms. Weiss said this is the sixth Wear Orange that she has <br />participated in and she expressed her pride in Edmonds. . <br />2. 2021 LEGISLATIVE SESSION WRAP-UP REPORT <br />Economic Development/Community Services Director Patrick Doherty introduced Legislative <br />Lobbyist/Strategist Debora Munguia. Ms. Munguia reviewed: <br />• Legislative Overview <br />0 105-day biennial budget legislative session <br />■ Operating, Capital and Transportation Biennial Budgets Adopted <br />■ Sine Die April 26, Governor has 20 days to sign bills (May 19) <br />o Democrats have a 28-21 majority in the Senate and a 57-41 majority in the House. <br />o Mostly remote session with major themes: <br />■ COVID Relief <br />+ Economic Recovery <br />■ Climate Action and Resiliency <br />■ Advance Racial Equity <br />o Big Issues: <br />■ Capital Gains Tax <br />■ Working Families Tax Exemption <br />■ Police Accountability <br />R Cap and Trade, Low Carbon Fuel Standard <br />R Changing penalties for drug possession (response to Blake decision) <br />R Banning open carrying of guns at protests and on state Capitol grounds <br />■ Wildfire prevention and forest health funding ($130.4 million) <br />R Fair Start for Kids Act - SB 5237 <br />Ms. Munguia provided an overview of the 2021-23 Budget <br />• Operating Budget (ESSB 5092) <br />o $59.2 billion in state revenue <br />R $10.6 billion in federal stimulus funds <br />■ One-time allocations include: <br />- $1.1B - Stabilizing K-12 schools (reopening, learning loss, etc.) <br />- $ 1 B - Public health (vaccine deployment, contact tracing and testing, etc.) <br />$658M Extending the state's rental assistance program <br />$528M Childcare grants and provider rates <br />- $500M Unemployment Insurance benefit relief <br />$340M Grants to adults unable to access COVID 19 benefits due to citizenship status <br />- $187M Foreclosure prevention for individuals under 100% area median income <br />$170M Family leave during the pandemic <br />■ Capital Budget (SHB 1080) <br />o $6.3 billion appropriated, $82 million is reserved for a supplemental <br />■ $258,000 to the City of Edmonds for Edmonds Marsh restoration (LCP) <br />a $500,000 for Willow Creek at Marina Beach Park (ALEA) <br />R $500,000 for Marina Beach Park Redevelopment (WWRP Local Parks) <br />.R $250,000 for the Waterfront Center (LCP) <br />■ $200,000 for the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club planning and upgrades (LCP) <br />+ $258,000 for the Civic Park Mika's Playground (LCP) <br />+ $412,000 to the WA State Arts Commission for Creative Districts Capital Construction <br />Projects (Section 5169) <br />Edmonds City Council Approved Minutes <br />June 1, 2021 <br />Page 2 <br />