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RESOLUTION NO. 1510 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE EDMONDS CITY COUNCIL IN <br />SUPPORT OF RETAINING RIGHTS TO SELF- <br />DETERMINATION AS IT PERTAINS TO LAND USE, ZONING, <br />BUILDING CODES AND ORDINANCES AND TO URGE <br />COUNTY AND STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS TO NOT TAKE <br />THESE RIGHTS A WAY THROUGH LEGISLATIVE ACTION. <br />WHEREAS, Edmonds is a code city within the State of Washington as encoded by Title 35A <br />RCW; and <br />WHEREAS , code cities were created by the State Legislature in order to grant the greatest <br />degree of local control to municipalities possible under the state constitution and general law; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, code cities are authorized to perform any function not specifically denied them in <br />the State Constitution or by state law and may perform any function granted to any other city <br />classification under Title 35 RCW; and <br />WHEREAS, Edmonds' Comprehensive Plan recognizes and adheres to Growth Management <br />Act (GMA) requirements and contains a wide variety of housing options in addition to specific <br />sub-area plans and Edmonds is comfortably exceeding current and projected GMA targets for <br />housing capacity; and <br />WHEREAS, Edmonds has an engaged volunteer Planning Board of citizens to guide growth; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2019, a 23-volunteer Citizens' Housing Commission met for 18 months and <br />provided 15 recommendations to the City Council that included robust and flexible zoning and <br />building codes to meet a changing environment; and <br />WHEREAS , Edmonds has a land area of 8.9 square miles and has consistently met GMA growth <br />targets with 2035 population projected to be 45,550; and <br />WHEREAS, Edmonds is a waterfront community with a built-out city that has a unique <br />topography with large watersheds and public spaces which limits our land capacity for new <br />structures; and <br />WHEREAS, our buildable lands report reflected 23 years of constant growth and current <br />permitting projections are exceeding all prior forecasts; and <br />WHEREAS, residents have clearly spoken that we value neighborhood character and are <br />increasingly protective of watersheds, critical areas and our environment and; <br />WHEREAS, a survey conducted by our Citizens' Housing Commission, showed 78% of <br />respondents strongly desire to retain single family zoning as currently codified; now therefore, <br />1