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design and are designed as a hip, gable, arch, shed or other similar <br />roof form (see illustrations). Vertical parapet walls or flat roofs <br />with a pitch of less than three in twelve are not allowed to protrude <br />above the 25 -foot height limit unless they are part of an approved <br />modulated roof and/or building design. <br />Section 2. Effective Date. This ordinance, being an exercise of a power specifi- <br />cally delegated to the City legislative body, is not subject to referendum, and shall take effect <br />five (5) days after passage and publication of an approved summary thereof consisting of the <br />title. <br />APPROVE <br />MAY G Y AAKENSON <br />ATTEST /AUTHENTICATED: <br />,�ira►,flGr�.. ,� C�.a� <br />CITY CLERK, SANDRA S. CHASE <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br />OFFICE OF ZSEk--*' RNEY: <br />BY <br />W.SC <br />FILED WITH THE CITY CLERK: 03/23/2004 <br />PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL: 03/23/2004 <br />PUBLISHED: 03/28/2004 <br />EFFECTIVE DATE: 04/02/2004 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 3492 <br />IWSS563354.DOC;1/00006.900000/) 2 <br />