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approximately 800 feet of the subject site north of 238th Street SW. <br />Other properties along Edmonds Way are generally developed with <br />multi - family residential units with an occasional small -scale <br />commercial use. <br />1.3 Properties to the west and south are generally zoned RM- <br />1.5 and consist of single - family and multi - family residential units. <br />1.4 The properties east of the subject site are mostly zoned RS- <br />8 and developed in single - family residences with a large church. <br />1.5 A business has been located at the subject site since 1963 <br />and the City Council finds that the property does not contribute <br />significantly to the high volume of traffic already utilizing <br />Edmonds Way. The property is also adequately buffered from <br />surrounding uses. <br />1.6 The City Council specifically finds that the proposal is <br />consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinance. <br />While normally either the BP or BN zones would be available as <br />alternatives for this property, neither zone would permit the <br />existing auto repair use and the City Council finds that the small <br />size of the site coupled with its ability to be buffered from <br />adjoining residential properties lessens any impacts on the <br />surrounding neighborhood and thereby makes the rezone <br />consistent with the general nature of Edmonds Way and <br />compatible with the surrounding area. The property is specifically <br />economically and physically suitable for use which has been in <br />operation on the site for over 30 years. The Comprehensive Plan <br />provides for a mix of uses including small -scale commercial uses <br />which do not significantly contribute to the traffic congestion <br />along the Edmonds Way corridor. Such owner use is consistent <br />with the policies which presume a public benefit and an avoidance <br />of negative impacts on the surrounding properties. <br />Section 2. Property located at 23904 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, Washington <br />consisting of 9,148 square feet and legally described in both the attached Exhibit A and File No. <br />R -03 -189 is hereby approved to be rezoned from RS -8 Single - Family Residential to Community <br />Business (BC). <br />Section 3. The Development Services Director or his designee is hereby <br />authorized to amend the City's official zoning map to show this change in zoning. <br />{WSS569712.DOC;1/00006.900000/} - 2 - <br />