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Section 1. Chapter 20.100 Hearing Examiner, Planning Advisory Board and City <br />Council review is hereby amended as an interim zoning ordinance by the addition of Section <br />20.100.050 Forest Practices Act Moratoriums to read as follows: <br />20.100.050 Forest Practices Act moratorium. <br />When the City has been notified by the Washington State <br />Department of Natural Resources (hereinafter DNR) that a <br />violation of the Forest Practices Act has occurred, pursuant to the <br />requirements of RCW 79.09.060, the City by the Director of <br />Develoment Services, shall impose a six -year .moratorium on that <br />portion of the property or project which has been converted from <br />forest use, as such term' is defined by statute or the order of DNR. <br />The moratorium may be conditioned in order to preserve public <br />safety and prevent further environmental damage. <br />A. The owner of the property or permittee impacted by the <br />moratorium or any property owner within 300 feet of the site: <br />1) May appeal the nature and extent of the moratorium as a staff <br />decision pursuant to the provisions of Section 20.105.010, or <br />2) May apply to the Director at any time during the six -year <br />period for a lifting of the moratorium. The moratorium shall be <br />lifted only upon a showing by the owner or permittee that all <br />significant issues identified by the Director relating to safety, <br />aesthetics, the violation of any City permit condition of approval <br />and any violation of City code will be fully mitigated by the action <br />of the permittee. In the event that any issue has not been fully <br />mitigated, the lifting of the moratorium may be conditioned upon <br />the future satisfaction of conditions or by a bond or other surety <br />designed to mitigate the negative impacts of the applicant's actions <br />and/or violations. <br />B. In the event that the City has initiated a review of an <br />approved permit pursuant to the provisions of 20.100.050, the <br />procedures in paragraph A. shall not apply and a hearing regarding <br />whether, and under what conditions a moratorium may be lifted, <br />shall be consolidated with a hearing under Section 20.100.040. <br />Section 2. As an interim zoning ordinance, ECDC 20.100.040 Review of <br />ap rop ved permits is hereby amended by the addition of a new sub - section D relating to <br />integration with moratorium provisions to read as follows: <br />{WSS570412.DOC;1 /00006.900000/ - 2 - <br />