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JAIvUARY 7th, 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Zourtner presiding. The <br />roll call showed the following Councilmen preseny: Chandler, Hareid, <br />H.anson,Callahan, Clausen. Martin and Jones. The minutes of the last were <br />read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water Revenue Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Committe and on <br />motion warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />O.N.Sorensen PoM.Bex-Rent------ 075 <br />3-J-Priebe, supplies--- ------- 6,,23 <br />Telephone Coe, phone calls----- .0;75 <br />Tribune -Review, printing------- 38,00 <br />L.C.Engel, bonds--------------- 15,00 <br />E.B.Hubbard., bonds---------- -- 30,00 <br />C.M.Lardon,dogs & arrests------ 4,20 <br />Henry Vaurs., arrest------------ 1,00 <br />R.H.Doty,.Judges fees- ------ 11,75 <br />Gateway Cafe, meals------------ 975 <br />Yost Auto Co. supplies-- ------ 18,86 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co. lights--- 2,70 <br />Leo Doty, care of garbage dump- 10,00 <br />M.C.Engels, fuel for Ci$ry Hall- 34,42 <br />Charles Vaurs,fees------------- 16,00 <br />L.C.Engel., bond---------------- 10,00 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co. p6waks--- 79949 <br />Tribune-Review,water receipts-- 29,58 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies-------- ,66 <br />National Meter Co. supplies--- 6,00 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co., JAghti- 95,97 <br />Theodor Womer, labor---------- 26,50 <br />Pickett Motor C.o.,: repairs &gas 98,92 <br />Diesel Oil Sales Co, drayage-- 17,00 <br />O.D.Anderson, attorneys fees & <br />expenses--------------- 160.10 <br />Louis Miller, supplies------- 4,00 <br />Stevens Lumber Co.,supplies-- 244,35 <br />GEO.M.Leyda, clerical work--- 5.00 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies------ ,46 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons, supplies---- 19962 <br />Pickett Motor Co. supplies--- 7,44 <br />West Coast Wood Preserving Co. 40,29 <br />Jim Danill, labor & supplies- 13,13 <br />Ralph Osborn, supplies------- 7,65 <br />P.J.Larson, blacksmith work-- 2,25 <br />Tribtme-Review, grdinance---- 16980 <br />M.C.Engels, supplies--------- 3,70 <br />Journal of Commerce, notice-- 2,80 <br />Tribune -Review, Resolution--- 16,08 <br />Dan Proctor, labor----------- 5,25 <br />C.B.Roe, man & team---------- 16,00 <br />P.SoPower & Light Co.,lights- 1,83 <br />`oW.Womer, labor------------- 1,50 <br />L.C.Engel, bond-------------- 10,00 <br />V�.1 ot�omer, labor.---- �:� = 20ri,a <br />,Cr�ow;'Hardware:,, suppl;ies:---�--- <br />Stevens Lumber >Co.. -supplies- 1,;53 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons, supplies--- 18,86 <br />H.CoHansen, labor----------- 6,00 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, ---- 911 <br />Yost Auto Co., wrecker service 1,00 <br />Reply to letter of the State Bank of Edmonds, Dec 2nd 1940. <br />December 17th, 1�40. <br />City Council of the City of Edmonds, <br />Edmonds, Washington. <br />Gentlemen: <br />My attention has been called to a letter addressed to you by State Bank <br />of Edmonds, under da#e of December 2nd., in which that hank, as owner of Bonds <br />7 to 10, inclusive, L.I.D. No.25, City of Edmonds, is asserting a claim against <br />the City for payment of its bonds by virtue of the fact that the City has recent <br />-ly contracted to sell Lots 22 to. 27, inclusive, Block 96, Plat of the City of <br />Edmonds. <br />It is my understanding that these lots were included in the above numbered <br />L.I.D.fl and also in a later Dostrict,, the bonds of_which were guaranteed under <br />the GuarantyeLaw of the State of Washington. <br />I am further advised that the City foreclosed the assessments, against said <br />lots, in the later guaranteed District, and that the sale -price, by the City,of <br />such lots does not exceed the amount paid out of the Guaranty Fund by virtue of <br />the delinquent assessments against said lite. <br />Assuming tgat these are the facts it is my opinion that.upon foreclosure in <br />the guaranteed district the City of Edmonds took title to these lots in trust <br />for the L.I.DQ Guaranty Fund, and that such fund was entitled to the proceeds of <br />such sale up to the amount which such fund had contributed as a result of the <br />delinquency in the Guaratiteed District <br />Since the sale -price does not exceed such amount it is further mu opinion <br />that the Guatanty Fund is entitled to receive the entire proceeds of the sale of <br />and that the City of Edmonds is not obligated in any way to pay Bonds 7, 8, 9, <br />and 10, of L.I.D.No.25, a previous unguaranteed district. <br />Yours very truly, <br />O.D.Anderson. <br />There being no further business .for this Council to performe,Mayor Fourtner <br />thanked them for their faithful labor in the interest of the City of Edmondag <br />on motion the Council adjourned sin a -die. <br />lz <br />City rk. <br />Mayor. <br />