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January 21, 1941. <br />1 <br />C <br />1 <br />I <br />1 <br />The Council met in regular session witch Mayor Fourtner presiding, The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, W. C. Hanson, Savage,.,, <br />Jones, Clausen, and Walter Hanson.. The minutes of the last meeting were read <br />and approved. <br />C. L. Bailey present the following communication from the <br />Health Department: To C. L. Bailey, Edmonds, slash. You are hereby notified <br />that a nuisance exists on your premises, consisting of insanity , kitchen sink, <br />drain which empties upon the surface of the ground and flows into the area <br />fenced for City Water Supply, which is a menace to health and contrary to <br />the `rules and regulations of the State Board of Health and the laws of the <br />State of Washington. <br />You are hereby notified to abate same within 30 days or be pen- <br />alized according to statutes. <br />Donald L. Saunders. Inspector. <br />John W. Walleeske. M.D. <br />Health Officer. <br />The Council decided that the parties interested would have to <br />put in a septic tank or a lateral sewer and that there would have to ba a <br />majority of the property owners. <br />V1. C. Hanson introduced Ordinance No. 532 amending the traffic <br />Ordinance which was read for the first time. <br />On motion the bill cif 0. D. Anderson for attorney fees in the <br />case of Eugene Ahnger vs. Robert Wheeler, Charles Larson and others was ord- <br />ered paid. <br />I t1 0 <br />The Light Committee recommended that a 5,9 watt light be placed <br />at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and ylder St. <br />The following communication was received from the Board of Health; <br />January 8, 1941 <br />Mr. V1. W. Womer <br />Water Superintendent <br />Edmonds, Washington. <br />Dear 1dr. Womer <br />As I indicated to you during my recent inspection of the Edmonds Water supply, <br />the type of well casing being employed on the dug well now under construction <br />at the south artesian +ells will not meet with the approval of this Department. <br />At that time I indicated that the corrugated culvert pipe could serve as an <br />inside form in order to provide a four -inch concrete casing which would be <br />entirely impervious. <br />After consideri.g this problem further I am firmly convinced that a dug well <br />type of construction is not suitable for the ultimate development of that par- <br />ticular type of water -bearing formation. The situation as I see it is some- <br />what as follows: irility a dug well it will be impossible to penetrate deep en- <br />ough to -properly tap the artesian flow and the only water which will be obtain- <br />ed will be shallow ground water and in small quantitjt. On the other hand, <br />if penetration is deep enough to tap the true artesian flow, which vvie have <br />reason to believe exists there, the casing Y,ould then fill with the quicksand <br />and it is quite possible that caving may result at some distant poir.:t such <br />as occurred several years age. <br />L believe before any more: duvelopmu-nt is carried out in this area that it <br />would be :vorth while to employ the services of a competent well driller and <br />sink a hest hole for the purpose: or: the presence or absence of a <br />sufficient volume of water and, secondly , to supply information for the type <br />of well construction which will develop the ima_ximum amount of water from that <br />particular \rater -bearing stratum. <br />