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While I realize in times past the City of ;Edmonds has invested considerable <br />amounts of money in well drilling with perhaps no substantial'return on their <br />investments,`I fell that you should not let these past experiences prevent <br />you from making full us.e of an apparently adequate source of water supply. <br />Vie do not recommend the drilling of a well there at the present time, but <br />rather the sinking of a test hole in order to determine the feasibility of <br />investing money in a full sized drilled well. <br />We would therefore recommend that you contact, a well driller who has proven <br />himself reliable and have him sink a test hole for you. 'Perhaps°it would <br />be well to have two well drillers come up independently and get both their <br />ideas in order that you might better judge for yourself.' A satisfactory <br />development in that particular locality requires a high degree of skill and <br />th`e following drillers for your coneiderdtion: <br />James J. 'Bell and Sons., 6116 rourth"South, 'Seattle, and 0. 'L'. 'Erdman, 'Elma. <br />May I take this opportunity to remind you that all new construction, extension <br />and improvements to existing water supplies must receive the approval of this <br />Department before construction is started, in accordance with Book V, part 2, <br />of the enclosed rules and regulations of the State Board of'Health. <br />Respectfully yours, <br />Division of Public <br />Health 'Ehginnering <br />M.;S. Campbell, Asst. <br />'Pub`lic 'Health "Engineer. <br />There being no further business by motion of the Council adjounred. <br />Mayor <br />February 4th. 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with u1ayor'i+'ourtner presiding. Th roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present; Chandler, Hanson, Savage, Jones, <br />Hansen and Clausen. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The City Treasurers . report and. i}ater 'lievenue Collectors report were 'read <br />and drdered filed. <br />The following. bills were ap} reeved by the Finance '�ommitte and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />Telephone Co.., phone calls- --------- .95 <br />Henry Vaurs, making.arrests--- ----- 12,,60 <br />Charles Vaurs,.making arrests------- 3,00 <br />Crow Hardware., ,58 <br />Charles Larson.,,making arrests,,----- 2,65 <br />Anita Gust., typing Ordinances for <br />Police Department----------- 7050 <br />Trick & ' 1-array,. record book for <br />Police Department---------- 9,27 <br />fit'. 4.Doty, police Judge fees-------- 18, 25 <br />`C'.M.Larson, killing 2 dogs--------- 2.00 <br />State Treas-drer,.2ireme4s Insurance 45,00 <br />Yost Auto Co.,storage & supplies--- 10,85 <br />Leo Doty, care of garbage dump----- 10,00- <br />42'.S.Power Light 'Co., lights- hall- 5,78 <br />'O'.D.Anderson, partial payment------ 60,00 <br />Picket .1otor Co. supplies---------- 1,00 <br />Crow Hardware,, supplies------------ ,12 <br />`P. S.power & Lihht Co. ,power' fob :. <br />;pumps-----1489 07 <br />P 'a.Power & Light.Co. Library 1 144t <br />2 months-------- 11,98 <br />Stevens Lumber Co. supplies for <br />trunk surer------------------ 17,71 <br />Yost iluto .Co. repairing pump------- ,35 <br />Sievers 8c'1)uecy,' gifieering on <br />Trunk Sewer------------ 70,00 <br />Louis Miller,, sawdust for Tl.sewer- 7,14 <br />..Yost ' 'Sond, supplies fill lift 1,22 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies lift lilt ,41 <br />Pickett Motor Co. supplies lilt it 2,04 <br />Geo.11ILLeyda, clerical work--------- 5,00 <br />2'.'d'.2ower & Light Co;,�power <br />for small bumlot------ 3., 29 <br />'R'.P�.Depew, for gravel----- ,977 <br />Leyda:'Electric,lamps------- ,41 <br />Pickett'Motor Co., <br />Charging battery------ 1,02 <br />A'.-1. Yost & lions, lumber---- , 71 <br />Standard Oil l0o, supplies- 24,46 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---. 2,29 <br />P'.J.Larson, repairs, truck 8,00 <br />Hopper Chevrolet Co.repairs <br />on City and tiJu-!--y.ri'.truck- 18,56 <br />John 'aims , repair damage to <br />gar----- 2,04 ' <br />A'.B.Bently, supplies------ 5,22 <br />Diesel Oil :false iQo, for <br />seconhand grader -------- 750.00 <br />'P'.'a.Power w Light Co, for <br />street - lights for 2 month-217,89 <br />Geo`:M.Light, for clerical <br />work------ 5,00 <br />iY'.S.Power & Light Co. for <br />2 month -park li hts-- 4,00 <br />THIRD AVENUE ' <br />M-C-bagels ,oil for flairs 3,70 <br />Crow Harsware,'supplies--- 2,40 <br />Hopper Chevrolet Co. gas-- 3,0 <br />Stevens Lumber Co. supplies <br />on contract--------- 747,32 <br />Ralph Osborn, sand & gravel 10,20 <br />A.L:Roffen.sperger, labor 11,40 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />