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It,was moved by Chandler and seconded by Hanson that the.Resolution b.e adop- <br />ted as read..The vote was as follows: Chandler yes. Hanson yes, Savage yes, <br />Hansen yes, Clausen: yes, Jones yes. Carried by the unaniomous vote of the <br />Councilmen present. <br />The following comunication was received from Edmonds Builders Supply. <br />February 12 1941 <br />"Gentlemen of the City Council <br />"Gentlemen: , <br />"*3o e than one year has past since I entered into contract with <br />the City of Edmonds to furnish material. fot the First an Third Ave. Local <br />Improvements. <br />" For the reason that these improvements has run for much longer time than <br />it was anticipated or agreed upon, I shall not be able to furnish.materials <br />in the future at the unit prices stipulated in the agreement.." <br />Respectfully,- <br />" G.A.Carlstedt <br />No action was ,taken on -the communication. <br />Emerganey. Ordinance No,. 533 was read the first time. <br />f c <br />The Water Superintendent reported that the Valve Chambers. at Main -and Ninth, <br />Dayton and Ninth and Dayton--andt Third were covered so deep that it was imposible <br />to get at them. They were refur,ed to the Street and plater Committee. <br />There being no.,further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />City Nqrk Mayor. <br />LARCH 18th, 1941. <br />the Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtn�er persiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: Chandler, Savage., Walter Hansen, <br />and Clausen. The minutes.of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />Navigation Companye <br />The Pugit Sound request for "CONSENT TO MORTGAGE" came up for consider-, <br />ation, which is as follows: <br />"The Lessor,, CITY OF EDMONDS-, A municipal corporation, hereby consents to <br />the mortgaging by Lessee, PUGIT SOUND NAVIGATION COMP -ANY,, of that certain lease <br />dated April 6th,1937, covering. the City Dock Site at Edmonds, Ilash-ington, and <br />the leasehold interest represented thereby,,toFEDERAL RESERVE BATZ OF SAF FRAN- <br />-CISCO,. as Trustee, .as, security For. the payment. of $750.1.000,00, and other suma, <br />and the performance andobservanee of each and every of the terms, agreements, <br />covenants and conditions of that certain mortgage or dee of trust dated as of <br />the lat day of_Ootober, 1940, heretofore executed, wherein. said Lessee is the <br />mortgageor and said'Trustee is the mortgagee; and.the said Lessor hereby con- <br />sents to any assignment of said lease. pursuant -to.or by reason of proceedings <br />t <br />taken under said mortgage. Dated this 18th,day of March, 1941" <br />CITY 02 LDMOUDS, a Municipal corporation. <br />By_ <br />Mayor <br />On motion the.Council granted the request and instructed the Mayor and <br />City -Clerk to sign the"CONSENT TO MORTGAGE". <br />The City Clerk reported that he had sold Lots 32-33-34-35-36 and 37 Block <br />t <br />67 for 0230,12 to Albert. A.. Rickert., subject, to the Councils approval. <br />On motion the Council appeoved the sale and instructed the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to sign the deed. <br />t <br />The Clerk reported that he had sold Lit 39, Block 98 f8r �233,29 to <br />