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Maude Friese, subject to the Councils approval. <br />On motion the Council approved the sale and instructed the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to sign the deed. <br />Ordinance No 533 was read the second time. <br />ORDINANCE NO.533 <br />An Ordinance providing for the issyanee-of.emergency warrants in pay- <br />ment of legal expenses in connection with litigation necessarily incurred <br />by the City of Edmonds and declaring an emergency. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDMONDS: <br />Sectionl; That the City of Edmonds issue emergency warrants in the <br />amount of $150,00, being the estimated expenditure required to meet the ooft <br />of legal expenses necessarily incurred in the defense of litigation by said <br />City. <br />Section 2: An emergency is hereby declared to exist, with referance to <br />said expenses, which could not reasonably have been the time of <br />making the last annual budget. <br />Section 3: this Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and <br />effect upon its passage and publication as provided by law. <br />PASSED : March 18th, 1941. <br />Mr. Vorihee offered $75,00 for the old Ford Grader. <br />On motion the Council accepted the offer of $75,00 for the old Ford Grader <br />-as is. <br />J <br />A complaint was made that Foster & Cliser had erected a sign on the <br />west side of Fifth Avenue south of Howell Way, and that it obstructed their <br />view. On motion the City Attorney was instructed't`o take the question up <br />with Foster & Cliser. <br />The City Clerk instructed to request Dr. Xretzler make an investiga- <br />tion of the 501TARY COT:NDITION of the property at First Avenue North and <br />Main Street, as to the advisability of'installing a sewer to take care of <br />the situation, and report at the next meeting of the Council, April lst. <br />There being no further business on motion the Councio adjourned. <br />Ci <br />y 01rk <br />AS12- <br />ayor <br />April lst. 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. <br />The roll call showed the following Councilmen present: CM{andler, Savage, <br />Vdalter Hansen, Clausen and Jones. The minutes of th.e last meeting were read <br />and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water revenue Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Committe: <br />Trick & Murray--------------- .92 <br />Tribune -Review--------------- 12,44 <br />State Bank of Edoonds-------- 3,35 <br />Henry Vaurs------------------ 2,00 <br />R-H.Doty--------------------- 2100 <br />C.M.Larson------------------- 5,50 <br />C ivi. Larsor-------------------- 14,00 <br />Yirie'Department-------------� 90,00 <br />Leo'Doty--------------------- 10,00 <br />Stevens Lumber Co.----------- 3,31 <br />A.M.Yost'&.Sons--------------- 6 882 <br />Caspers Service Station------ 28,60 <br />Henry Allen------------------ 8100 <br />Pickett Motor Co.------------ 4108 <br />Crow Hardware---------------- ,59 <br />O.N..'3orensen P"61 -------------- 1,00 <br />Leyda 'Electric !&.J.Liadio------ ,31 <br />Hallie 4.iAriderson----------- 56,25 <br />National '.;UiL Co.---------- 58,55 <br />Olympic Foundry Co ---------- 39,25 <br />Crow Hardware--------------- 4,90 <br />Stevens Lumber Co.---------- 1,00 <br />ldahlum Iron Works ----------- 59,36 <br />Caspers Service Station----- 1,15 <br />H.C.Hanse'n------------------ 18,50 <br />Pickett Motor Co.----------- 1,00 <br />O.F.Soensen 21411.---------- <br />-- .75 <br />Crow Hardware--------------- .60 <br />E.S.Denslow----------------- 9,79 <br />4.G.Vry--------------------- 23,50 <br />Oscar Reiner---------------- 20000 <br />John S'..Anderson------------ 40,00 <br />S.J.Pr6eby------------------ 31,14 <br />