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bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent., per annum, payable.on or before <br />twelve °years from date of issue, shall be issued in payment of the costs and <br />expenses of such improvement, or the City of.Edmonds may, at its'election, sell <br />said bonds and make.payment in cash in.t.he manner provided by the Ordinances <br />of said city. <br />8:CTION 6: That the costs and expenses of said improvement to be borne by <br />and assessed against the propdrt y of the said Assessment District, and for <br />which bonds of said District are to be issued, shall not include the cost of <br />labor upon said improvement, which labor is to be furnished by Federal funds <br />under the Y.Q.A. plan of Federal Government." <br />12assed this 8th day of April 1941. <br />On mot*on t1ie Cltehrk was indtruct.ed to call for bids.' <br />me ion a Council adjoulrned. <br />01 y C yor. _ <br />April 15th, 1941 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner pr-esiding,The <br />roll cell showed the following Councilmen present: H.A.Chandler, %1.C.Hanson <br />C.Savage, W.Hansen, U.Clausen and W..T.Jones. The minutes of the ;last meeting <br />and adjourned meeting were read and approved. <br />The Oity Attorneys letter regarding the sale and purchase by the County <br />of- certain.lots in the city was read. These lot have L.I.D.Imrovement Assess- <br />ments against them. It was moved by Chandler. and Seconded by Hansen that the <br />City prrchase these lots from the County to protect the L.I.D. Assessment <br />Districts. The motion Carried. <br />There being a vacancy of a Councilman from First Ward, the Mayor appointed <br />Rubin T.Roseoeto fill the vacancy, On motion the Council approved the appoint- <br />ment. <br />The City Engineer .reported that our B ,0ZET SLWEii BROJECT with the Govern- <br />ment was about exausted.,, and that we had better make an application for an <br />other blanket project for sewers; about two miles. <br />On motion the Council instructed the City Engineer to set up an other <br />blankt project for sewer. <br />A petetion for a sewer inblooks, 907 75- and 78 was refurred to the City <br />Engineer for checking. <br />O.C..Kelly requas.ted the City to .set a price on lots. 37-38-39 and 40 in <br />Block 96. The. requset was.refurred to the Land Committe. <br />On motion, the Council continued the date for the receipt :of bids for the <br />Sewer ,on. First Avenue. untill April 18th.5,1941 at the hour of 7,30 p.m.. <br />On motion the Council adjourned until .7,30,p.m. April 18th, 1941. <br />�' 1 LJC,I.tiZ/yv!/l <br />y 4 d 1 e XJ, Mayor. <br />April 18th, 1941 <br />The Council met in adjourned session with'Mayor Fourtner persiding. <br />The roll call showed the following Councilmen present:- Chandler,V.Hansen <br />Clausen and Jones. <br />'Richmond Fire District No.4 made a proposition that they and the City <br />of'Edmonds enter into a mutuil agreement to, assist each other in case of <br />a fire in either plase. <br />It was moved by'Chandler and seconded by Jones that we enter into such <br />r <br />an,agrement with'iiichmond Fire District No.4. Mot ion carried. <br />The followin bids were received for the sewer on'First Avenue. <br />'Steve S Lumber 'Companys bid. <br />200 IF 6" Concrete Sewer Pipe-- Eighteen cents--- 36,00 <br />400 IF 8" Concrete Sewer ,2ipe Twenty-four cents-- ' (24) -.-- 96,00 <br />960 LIP 12" 'Concrete Sewer Pipe-- forty four cents--- (44)--- 422,40 <br />10 only 6" Conerete'Elbows7- Seventy.two cents-- (72)--- 7,20 <br />10 only 828x6" Concrete Wyes- Orelli'nty six cents------- (96)--- 9,60 <br />14 only 12xl2x6l"Concrete lYyes One dollar seventy six cents(1,76)24,64 <br />8 only Cast Iron Manhole'Rings i'& 'Covers Complete <br />Twenty two fifty-- ' ($22, 50) --- 180,00 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />