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Mary J.Robertson offered $170,79 cash for Lot 23 Block 120, Mat City of <br />Edmonds. <br />On motion the Council accepted the offer and instructed the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to sign a deed of.transfer. <br />250 j 00 <br />The `Edmonds Independent Telephone Company offered,. ' : ;) for lot 25 <br />Block t'D" Plat city of Edmonds. <br />On`motion the Council accepted the offer and instructed the Mayor and <br />City Clerk to sign a deed of transfeW.provided that it covered the Improvement <br />cost and` taxes e c <br />The`�roperty owners on First Avenue North asked permission to close Firest <br />Avenue North at Edmonds Street and the North City limits for 46 hours so <br />they could oil it. <br />On motion the request was granted, provided that the Street Superinten- <br />dent tales prezaution to see that it is property safe garded. <br />The City paid $298,,42 torthe County for 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and <br />15, Block 77: Lots. 27 and 28, Block 94: Lot 29 Block,123: Lot 25 Block "D" <br />all in -the Plat City of Edmonds, taxes, for which the Couty ,issued a deed. <br />On motion the City Clerk was instructed to have the ddee recorded. <br />a <br />The Mayor brought up the question of YOLICEING THE BUSINESS places. It was <br />proposed by some that the City Linense the business places, accoreding to the <br />amount df their business to help pay for the POLICEMAN. <br />The question was refurred to the Committe on Finances. <br />The Street Superintendent brought up the question of gravel for the Streets <br />The question was refiired to the Street Committe. <br />E.B.Hubbard brought up the question of commision on the slae of City pro- <br />perty. ` <br />The question was the Land Committe and the City Clrk. <br />The General Causilty.Company.of America wants an answer regarding G.A.Carl- <br />stdts bonds on L.I.D.N.o.50 and51 Contracts; the contracts should have been <br />completed bu February 1st, 1941. The Government having taken their men to the <br />Airport before eompleteing the labor part of the contract, it left the City <br />and the Contractor in a difficult position to solve. It is now understood that <br />the Government will be able to complete the labor part of the contract in the <br />near future. As it„was not the Contractors fault,.nor that of the City Council, <br />the question arose as to who should pay the premium on the renewel of the bonds. <br />The City Attorney advised that it would be proper to eharge.the premiums to the <br />abuting property; therefore on motion the Council instructed the City Clerk to <br />pay the premiums ($5,,00 on each contract).and charge them to L.I..D No.50 and5l. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />e lei( i° <br />Ci.y Cle Mayor. <br />MAY 20th.1941. <br />The'Council met in regular session with Mayor blourtner presiding, The,roll <br />cal-ti-showed the following Councilmen present: H.A�-Chandler,•t{.T.Roscoe, C:Savage <br />'WtLlter Hansen. W.Clausen, and V7�T.Jones. The, minutes of tha last meeting were <br />read,and approved. <br />THE 'City Clerk reported that j;.H:Proffit wished to buy Lots 27 and 28 in <br />Block 94. <br />On motion the Council decided to sell Lots 27 and 28'in Block 94 to W.H. <br />Proffit for $146,00. The vote was as follows: Chandler yes,,ttoscoe ye's,Savage <br />yes,,Hansen yes, Clausen yes,. -Jones yes;car1-ied by unanimous vote of the <br />Councilmen present. <br />!M.C:Lngels made a proposition to furnish,the City Hall furnace with oil for <br />the coming year at .0625 per gallon: The Diesel Oil Co. offered to furnish the <br />furnace Q1i at the same price .6625. <br />It was moved by`Chandler and seconded by Jones tha the Council accept M.C. <br />Engels at .0625. The motion carried. <br />D.M.Yost complained that the trafic on Dayton Street is geting out of con- <br />trole; they come down Dayton Street at such speed, it is becoming dangerous at <br />Sixth Avenue and Dayton Street to the trafic on Sixth Avenue. <br />