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.Ifter due consideration the Council ordered a stop sign plased at the <br />north east corner of the intersection of Dayton Street and Sixth Lvenue. <br />The land Cormmitte set the prcie on the following lots at $230,00 per lot; <br />Lots 8-9-10-11-12-13"a-14 and 15 in Block 77r. <br />On motion the Council instructed the City Clerk to notify all those who <br />any of the lots 8-9-10-11-12-13-14 and 15 in Block 77- to put in a bid for <br />on or before June 3ed 1941. The Council reserveing the right to reject any <br />or all bids. <br />The question of a night -patrolman came up for consideration. The ques- <br />tion was considered by the Councilmen and Merchants for some time but no <br />decision was reached. Then the Council on motion laid the question over <br />until the next meetin. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />City Cle _ Mayo <br />A <br />:ICY 27th 1941. <br />The.Mayor called the Council in special session for the purpose of <br />considering the question of the extention of the Lateral Sewer on Vialnut <br />Street to Sixth Avenue. The question having been raised by Mrs. &stell. <br />The minutes of the Council showed that on April 16th 1938 the following: <br />"It was 'moved by Chandler and seconded by Astell that a manhole be <br />placed at 6th and .;alnut and that the City furnish the the to extend thejtwtA <br />now being placed on 1tialnut street to the manhole. Carried." <br />The City Engineer stated that the materials were already furnished <br />and charged to L.I.D.48. <br />Onmotion the Council adjourned. <br />Mayor. <br />J EE 3ed 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session. with Mayor Pourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen preseny: H.A. Chandler, W.C.Hanson, C. <br />Savage,W.Clausen W. HAnsen and 10J.T.Jones. The Minutes of the last regular <br />meeting and the special meeting were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Dater revenue Collectors report for the <br />month of May were read and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by <br />the Finance Committe and on motion <br />the Council ordered them paid out <br />of the proper funds. <br />Trick & Murray, for supplies--- <br />155 <br />H.C.Hansen, labor----------- <br />3,00 <br />Geo.M.Leyda, for clerical work- <br />5,,00 <br />Ralph Osborn, sand---------- <br />2,50 <br />P.S.Power & Light Co. City Hall <br />Louis Miller, supplies------ <br />28,62 <br />Light------- <br />1.00 <br />Pickett Motor Co. supplies-- <br />1,03 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies---- <br />Telephone Co. phone calls------ <br />.40 <br />.70 <br />Henry Allen , labor--------- <br />A.11.Yost & Sons, supplies--- <br />5,00 <br />7,29 <br />R.H.Doty, Police Judge fees---- <br />4.75 <br />A.M.Yost & Sons, supplies--- <br />12,74 <br />C.M.Larson, dog tax, & Sewer <br />Puget Sound Power & Light Co. <br />inspections---- <br />7,50 <br />power ´┐Żbk pumps---- <br />63,60 <br />Leo Doty, care of garbage dump- <br />10.00 <br />Sid Kelly, for labor-------- <br />4,00 <br />Puget Sound Power & Light Co. <br />Tribune -Review, for contracts <br />15,19 <br />for street lights------- <br />97,22 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies-- <br />.26 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies----- <br />.5C <br />Flational Meter Co. supplies-- <br />70,07 <br />Midway Iron Works, repairs------ <br />4,43 <br />Puget Sound News, for <br />Hopper Chevrolet Co. supplies--- <br />1,03 <br />supplies---- <br />35,86 <br />Sound Pounder Co. for supplies-- <br />33,22 <br />Puget Sound Power & Light Co. <br />Chauncys Boat House;, for sand <br />- lighte----------- <br />3,19 <br />and gravel------ <br />1;:81 <br />