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I <br />Pugit Sound Power & Light Co. <br />Lights----------- 1,85 Hopper Chevrolet Co.. supplies-- 4,53 <br />Pickett Moter Co. repairs----- ,52 M.C.Engels, for supplies------- ,41 <br />L.G.Fry, for labor------------ 8,65 Stevens Lumber Co. for supplies27,71 <br />Louis Miller,. for fuel--------- 5,16 C.B.Roe, labor---------------- 6,00 <br />. The State Inspector, J.,&.Varley notified the City Clerk that the City <br />Council would have to appoint a City Attorney. <br />This was refurred to O.B.Anderso, acting City .Attorney. <br />-The State, Inspector., J.A.Varley, notified the --City Clerk that the City . <br />must enter into a contract with the State Bank of Edmonds as a depository for <br />the City Funds every year:, and see that a proper amount of security is.deposited <br />with the City Treasurer,.and notify the State Department .o.f Their action. <br />The mater was refured to O.D Anderso acting Oity Attorney. <br />The City received the following bids on Lots 8-9-10-11-12-13-141.and 15 <br />in Block 77 Plat City of Edmonds. <br />Bur4.ette E.Morse offered 9235,.00 per lot (or$470,00), for lots 8 and 9 <br />Block 77, <br />G.A.Carlstedt offered $700.00 for lots 8-9-10 and 11 and $640.00 for <br />lots 12-13-14 and 15 all in Block 77 plat City of Edmonds, a total of $1340,,00 <br />cash. <br />It was moved by Savage and seconded by Jones that the City accept the <br />bid of Burdette E.Morse for lots Band 9 Bloc27City of Edmonds, for $470,00 <br />and that the City Attorney draw up the deed of transfer. The vote was as Follows: <br />Chandler yes, Roscoe yes, Savage yes, Hansen yes, Clausen yes, Jones yes;Carried <br />On motion the Street Superintendent was instructed to have the weeds mowed <br />that are growing in the streets. <br />Roy B.Macumber asked permission to -operate a skating rink in the City <br />of Edmonds; the Yost Opera House. <br />-On motion the Council gave Roy permission tooprate a skating <br />rink in the Yost Opera House and that the livens fee shall be $2,50 per month. <br />The Mayor appointed Paul 11ort"on deputy Marshall. <br />On motion the.Council approved the appointment. <br />The Mayor appointed Howard F.Sievers City Enginer. On motion the Council <br />approved the appointment. <br />On motion the Council adjourned. <br />r-�t�r <br />City Clerk. • °ayor. <br />a <br />JUNE 17th. 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor 2ourtner presiding. <br />The roll cala showed the following Councilmen present:H.A.Chandler, Claude <br />Savage, Walter Hansen and trl.T.Jones. The minutes of the last meeting were read <br />and approved. <br />The City Clerk reported that he had sold Lots 28 and 0� in Block 67 <br />Plat City of Edmonds, for $70,04 to Percy_ H.Hansen,.fsubJ6(?V-to the Councils <br />approval. <br />On motion the Council approved the sale and ordered the City Attorney <br />to draw up the deed of transfer. <br />There being sewer assessments against Lots 8-9-10-11-12-13-14 and 15 <br />in Block 77 to.the amount of $134.,96 and against 27 and 28 in Block 94 to the. <br />amount of $80,74, the Council on motion instructed the City Clerk to draw <br />warrants against the L.I.D.Guarantee Fund to pay then amounts. <br />The City Treasurer reported that there were $2500,00 avalible in the <br />L.I.D.Guarantee Fund that could be used to pay delinquent L.I.D.Bounds. <br />Orj motion the Council instructed the City Clerk draw warrants on the <br />L.I.D.Guarantee Fund for $2500,,0.0 to pay Bonds No.16-17-18-19 and 20 in <br />L.I.District No.45. <br />The mayor brought'up the question of paying the Chief of Police the <br />$10,00 set aside for gas for the.Merchants Patr-ol as the Chief is'puting in <br />extra.time because --there, is no Merchants patrol. ` <br />,On moyion the Council approved the r`ecomendation. <br />eThe question of gravel for repairing, was brought up bu the <br />Mayor. He stated that,ttaiph Osborn would hall.gravgl from the north county <br />gravel pit.for 75� per cub. yd. and:that we could by it from the*County for <br />40¢ per oub.yd. making the cost 4�1,15 per`cub.yd. <br />On motion the Council desided to give Ralph Osborn the contract for <br />hauling the gravel. <br />o <br />Complaa was made that the Edmonds Dairy was dumping the manuer from <br />their barns on the. City Pard grounds and that it was making a very offenciye <br />smell, so much so that persons, that wherb,the wind was blowing from the sQuh <br />ppeople would have to leave. On motion the City Clerk was instructed to notify <br />to remove their efuge,.,from the City Park grounds. <br />1 <br />1 <br />C <br />1 <br />