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1 <br />1 <br />C.C.Martin, representing the Chamber of Commerce, stated that the Conty <br />would pave a mlie of road in this end of the county if the people would desig- <br />nate where they wanted it, with bituminous cement. He suggested that that the <br />Council pave the east end of Vain Street to the city limits and ask the County <br />to pave it form their to the highway..On motion the Council instructed the <br />Mayor to appoint a committe, with power to act, to confer with the County <br />Commisioners. The Mayor appointed H..".Chandler and 11'.T.Jones. <br />On motion the Council instructed the Attorney to draw up an e-mergancy <br />ordinance raising the amount to be paid to the iderchants Patrol to 4"50.00 <br />per month. <br />On motion the Coucil adjourned. <br />Pfu <br />City Cle ' Mayor. <br />JJLY 18t. 1941. <br />The 'Coundil met in regular session with Mayor Yourtner persiding. The <br />roll call showed the following Councilmen_ present:H.A.Chandler,;H.T.noscoe, <br />C.Savage, Walter Hansen, t`.Clauser_ and i,.T.Jones. The minutes of the last <br />meeting were 'read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the lffater '_tevenue Collectors report for the <br />month of June were read and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Committe and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />0-1.',Sorensen .2.11d. for stamps --- <br />Telephone Co. phone calls ------ <br />'Trick& Murrey, for supplies --- <br />Yost Auto Co. for storage and <br />supplies-------- <br />C.L.Bailey for extra polce <br />service ------ <br />•M.Lars or_ for extra night <br />nigh patrol &:ki11`dng dogs - <br />Yost Auto Co., wrecker service - <br />State Treasurer, Ind.Insurance <br />& Medical Aid-------- <br />H.C.Hansen, refund of deposit <br />for curb and gutter-------- <br />HenryAllen, for overtime on <br />. street work ------------- <br />Durbins Store, for supplies---- <br />G;.M.Blough, for labor on street <br />work--------- <br />Crow'Hardware, for supplies ---- <br />R.V.McClenahan , for labor------ <br />U.B:iioe, for mowing streets---- <br />'_ialph Osborn, for gravel------- <br />4.0-Hansen. for labor on streets <br />Diesel Oil Co. oil for streets - <br />Pickett Motor Co. supplies----- <br />OrdinanceNo.535 was reed the <br />4,00 E- B. Hubbard, for .bon.diiater Supt. - 5, OC <br />1,00 Q.N.Sornsen,P.M.for 2..O.Boxrent- ,75 <br />4.,19 Addressograph Sales for supplies 2,17 <br />Crow Hardware for supplies------ 1167 <br />18,86 TJ:ational meter Co. for supplies- 28.09 <br />Tax 'Commision, Excise Tax------- 86,38 <br />5,00 State Treasurer, for Ind,lns. & <br />Medical Aid----------- 1906 <br />22,50 0,11.';Sorer_sen �.M. for box rent <br />2,00 and stamps-------------- 4,00 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies----- 3,63 <br />1.22 C.B.Koe for mowing yark grounds- 10,00 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies----- 3,68 <br />31.20 Z.G.Fry, for labor-------------- 12,M <br />American B6iler Works,f or <br />9,00 supplies-------- -11,64 <br />1.03 Elden Grace. for labor---------- 40,00 <br />A.M.Yost & (irons for supplies---- 3,50 <br />4,00 Edmonds Water Depart. for making <br />1,29 on North Edmonds Water'Co-- .water <br />2,00 line---------------- 3100 <br />15,00 <br />112,50 <br />21,50 <br />199,44 <br />39.00 <br />first time. <br />The Union Oil Co., in their communication regarding a right-of-way across <br />their property for a sewer from 1iret Avenue to Dayton Street, stated that <br />they wanted $500,00. <br />It was moved by Chandler and seconded by Clausen. that the City Attorney be <br />instructed to .proceed with condemnation .of.~ a 'right-of-way for a sewer from <br />First .Avenue to Dayton Street or a right-of-way for the continuation of First <br />Avenue to Dayton Street. <br />Mr. Vincent stated that he thought a cranival could be had to occupy the <br />ball grounds at the City Park for 4 or 5 days and that they would pay 15 per <br />cent of the proceeds for the con.sessio.n. <br />On motion the gaestion was refured to the Park Board with power to act. <br />The question of parking on Main Street came up its share of trouble and <br />was refured to the City Clerk. <br />There being no, further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />7/71 <br />Mayor. <br />