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J JJLY 15th 1941. <br />The Council met in -regular session with Mayor LOourtner presiding. <br />The roll call showed the following Councilmen present: H.A.Chandler, R.T. <br />Roscoe, 1l.C.Hanson, C.Savage and VI.T. Jones. -The minutes of the last -meet in,,g <br />meeting were read and approved. <br />Ordinance No.535 was read the second time; an Ordinance fixing the X <br />salary of the Night Patrolman, of the city of Edmonds, in the amount of <br />Fifty 50.,00) Dollars per month, providing for the issuance of emergency <br />warrants against the proper funds, in payment thereof, and declaring an <br />emergency. <br />It was moved by Chandler and seconded by Savage, that Emergency <br />Ordinance No.535 be adopted as read. The vote was as follows: Chandler, .yes, <br />Roscoe yes, .Savage yes, Jones no. <br />As an=emergency Ordinance takes the unanimous vote of the Councilmen <br />present, the Mayor declared the motion lost. <br />The following Resolution was passed by the Council. <br />WHi'HES, the Department of Highways has estimated that the receipts <br />which will accrue'to the credit of under, the provisions of Chapter <br />181, 1939 Laws, for the period April 1, 1941'to 114arch 31, 1943, will be <br />Five Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety-two 42/100 (,$5992.42) Lollars; and <br />VIHEREAS, there.) is::_ah...unexp-en"A:,balaneec_of(, funds-•whichl accrued to <br />,th.e_'.credit if this city during the period April 1st,. 1939, to March 31st 1941, <br />of,Seven Hundred and sixty-eight 84/100 ($768,84) Dollars; and <br />WHEFLOAS, the total funds available for expenditure during the period <br />April 1, 1941 to March 31, 1943, is -therefore estimated to be Six Thousand <br />seven hundred and sixty-orie1a26/100 ($6761,26) Dollares; and <br />WHEREAS, th.e Department of Highways does request that the city adopt <br />a formal program setting forth the uses to which it shall put the above -named <br />sum of money in accordance with the provisions of the above -named statute; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE .IT RESOLVED by the ( mayor and City Council) of <br />the city of Edmonds in regular meeting duly assembled, as follows: <br />I. That based upon estimated receipts :as aforesaid the following is pro- <br />poged as the items covering expenditures of said city from the City Street <br />Fused for the biennium commencing April 1,,1941, and ending March 31, 1943; <br />Totals Maintenance Construction Overhead 8c <br />11 Operation <br />Secondary State -Highway $2460,00 9"0400,00 $2000 00 $60,00 <br />Other City Streets---- 4301026 7,00.00 3601,26 <br />Totals---------------- 06761926 g1,100,00 5601,26 960,00 <br />2. That should such receipts exceed the estimat aforesaid, such excess <br />shall be expended by the city in the manner provided by law, subject to the <br />approval of the Department of highways. <br />is <br />3• That the Oity Clerk be, and hereby,, instructed to forward a copy of <br />thip Resolution to the Department of Highways. <br />ADOPTED by the Mayor and City Council this 15th day of July, 1941. <br />On motion the Resolution was adopted by the. unanimous vote of the <br />Council. <br />The question of improving Sixth Avenue North from Main Street to the <br />north line of Glenn Street was brought up by the Mayor. After due consideration <br />it was moved by Chandler and seconded by -Jones that the Council proceed to <br />improve Sixth Avenue north by laying a bituminous matt thereon from Main <br />Street to the north line of Glenn Street. The motion was carried -by the unan- <br />imous vote of the Council. I ° <br />On motion the Street Superintendent was instructed to proceed at once to <br />relay the mat'on Fifth Avenue between Main Street and Bell street. <br />A communication was received W.R. Watts, stating that he had run into <br />a Hydrant covered with grass, located on Pine Street on the south side of the <br />City Limits, and that he had damaged his car. <br />On motion the City Clerk was instructed to notify W.R.Watts to peesent <br />the repair bill at their next meeting. ° <br />H.J.Johnson requested permission to blast some stumps east of Tenth <br />Avenue and suoth on Maple Street. <br />On motion the request was granted. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />Z <br />ity 016 Mayor. <br />