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IT IS FURTHER.RESOLVZ;D that the cost of said work is hereby estimated, as <br />nearly as may be, to be as follows: <br />Estimated 0ost- -------------------- 0900000 <br />Location Engineering------ ------------------ , 15,00 <br />C,ons.truction Engineering------------ 30,00 <br />Louis R.Milton offered the City Council $672,06 for Lots 25-%Z6 and.97 in <br />Block 969 and that he woilld pay the interest and on the principal to the total <br />amount of $25,00 per month untill payment of the principal sum is paid. <br />On motion the Council accepted Louis R.Miltons proposal: that he pay $672,06 <br />_for Lots 25-26- and 27, in Block 96, in.monthly installments of interds�cand <br />prin::c ipal to the amount of $25, 00. <br />The City Engineer presented the Assessment Roll of Local.Improvement <br />District No. 52. , < <br />On notion the Council instructed the City Clerk to,give proper notioe <br />of hearing. <br />The question of a right-of-way for the sewer on First Avenue was brought <br />up again. , <br />On motion the City Attorney was, instructed to try and negotate with <br />the Union Oil Company for the continuation,of First Avenue south to Dayton <br />Street, and that he should offer V0150,0,0 for the right-of-way. If'it could <br />not be obtained to,proceed with.condemnation proceedings. <br />,On motion the Chief of Police was instructed to have the State Patrol <br />pace'the speeders on the streets of Edmonds. <br />There being no further business.onmotion the Council adjourned. <br />--� <br />Ma oro. <br />AUGUST 19th, 1941. <br />c <br />The in regular session with Mayor p ourtner persiding. The <br />,611 Cc.l <br />rollcall showed the following Councilmen paesent:,H.A. Chandler, VI.C.Hanson, <br />W&lter Hansen., W?Clausen and 17.T.Jones, The minutes of the last meeting <br />were read and approved. <br />Mrs. Strance and Miss FM-Ges Anderson, representing the Library Board, <br />reported that the roof of the Library Building and tl buld be repaired. <br />The Council on motion instructed A.B.1aently tor6"- 1all:necessgry.,.repa xs. <br />C.R.Watts presented an other claim for damages caused by his running <br />into an old hydrant out side of the city limits. <br />On motion the Council instructed the City Clerk to notify C.R.Watts <br />that the city does kot assume any responsibilty and that.the claim be rejected. <br />Molrion carried. <br />The Cit Clerk reported that he had soled Lots 21`-22­23-and. 24 Blocl- 67 <br />to R. J.Sullvan for149, 64 And Lots,. .26-'26-38-39- and 40 Block 67 to .u1.S <br />Spurling for 0237,32 also 29 Block 123 to E.L.Yost for <br />On motion the Council approved the -sales and instructed the City -Attorney <br />draw up the necessary deeds of transfer._ <br />The Mayor reported that the cracks in the pavements should be refilled <br />with aspholt. <br />On motion the Street Committe was instructed to have the necessary repairs <br />made. <br />The Chief of Police reported -that there were no speed limit signs on <br />Main Street from Ninth Avenue to the city limits. <br />On motion the Street Committe was instructed to have proper signs placed. <br />There being no business on motion ;ihe Council adjourned. <br />yC Mayr. <br />1 <br />n <br />1 <br />r� <br />