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SEKEMBEA 2nd , 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor J U-iourtner presiding. <br />r <br />The rail calll showed the following Councilmen present: H.A.Chandler, W.C. <br />Henson, C.Savage,W.Clausen an& W,T.Jones. The minutes of the last meeting <br />were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report for the month of august and the Later Revenue Col- <br />lectors report were read and ordered file. <br />The following bills were approved by the 2inance Committe and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds. <br />Telephone Co. for phone calls---- 1940 Crow Hardware, supplies---- 3,61 <br />R.H*Doty, Police Judge Fees------ 2,00 L.G.rry, care of City hall <br />C.M.Larson, sewer inspections---- 4900 grounds--------- 5,00 <br />Crow Hardware, for supplies------ ,82 2 0.2ower & Light CO.,Mds-- 1,84 <br />Yost Nato Co. storage & supplies- 11,86 Dick Cjauncey, gravel------ 2,06 <br />!.C.Engels, expense to convention 24,90 Pickett Motor Co. repairs <br />C.M.Larson, labor---------------- 18,60 on grader--------- 21,49 <br />Edmonds auto freight, freight---- 2,36 Yost Auto Co. supplies----- ,41 <br />Star Machinery Co. rental-------- 25,00 Durbins Store, supplies---- $90 <br />iational Meter Co. meters-------- 59,12 Howard Cooper Corp -supplies 8,85 <br />Trick & Murray, supplies--------- 1,55 Crow Hardware, supplies---- 26,10 <br />Olympic Foundry Co. supplies----- 35,19 Hopper Chevrolt Co. sap; li,L 38,53 <br />Leyda Electric & Radio, supplies- 2,48 G-6-10ses, labor----------- ,50 <br />A•M•Yost & Sons, supplies-------- 1,03 Healy illen, labor--------- 12,00 <br />Mhett motor Co. supplies------- 4143 H.C.Hansen, labor---------- 48,25 <br />Yost. Nato Co, freight------------ ,20 4ilfred Hansen, labor------ 25,25 <br />Crow Hardware, supplies---------- 6,51 a-ho uoty, labor------------ 14,00 <br />A-B-Bently, sapplies------------- 6,98 Awlph Osborn, haalinQ gravel 61,50 <br />onohowish Co. Ad. Lo.2 for gravel 138,40 Q•k-Leyda for clerical work 5,00 <br />Liesel Oil Sales Co, for .0.2--- 486,29 Uhwonds water weprt, repairs 10,50 <br />Tribune-heview, notice----------- 8,58 <br />Sievers-& Luecy, engineering----- 395,00 <br />The Assessment moll of Local Improvement DistrictJo. 52 came up for <br />consideration in accordance with the notice of the hearing. There being nO <br />objections to the roll as made by the City.nngineer, the Council on motion <br />passed Ordinance Lo.535 approving the roll. <br />QVDILA NO .N0.535. <br />An ordinance approving and confirming the assessment and assessment <br />roll of Local Improvement District No. 52, for the improvement of the east- <br />erly side of Third Avenue in the City of Edmonds, by the construction of a <br />12" combined sanitary and storm lateral sewer along the Easterly side of <br />Third Avenue from Walnut Street south to 2ebin Drive; also to improve the <br />alley between Third.Avenue and fourth Avenue, in said city, from a. point <br />364.25 feet south of the center line of Dayton Street; thence south to the <br />south line of Section 23, Township 27 north, ,Kange 3, Last a*M.. , by the <br />construction of an 8" combined sanitary and storm lateral sewer; also to <br />improve Walnut Street, in said city, by the construction, along the center <br />line thereof, from the alley between Third Avenue and iourth.Avenue West to <br />Third Avenue of a combined 8" sanitary and storm lateral sewer, together <br />with the necessary manholes, -catch basins and other appertenances necessary <br />to make a complete improvement, all in accordance with aesolution 108 Of <br />the City of Ldmonds, levying an assessment on account thereof against the <br />several lots, tracts and parcels of land shown on said roll, providing for <br />the issuance of bonds therefore and fixing the date of the issueance <br />thereof. <br />TRE. CITY 02 10DOODDS 'LOTS QKD" Tv . <br />Section 1: That the assessment and assessment roll of Local.Improvement <br />District ho. 52, for the improvement of the easterly side of Third Avenue, <br />in the City of Edmonds, by the construction of a. 12" combined sanitary and <br />storm lateral sewer along the Easterly side of Third Avenue from Walnut <br />'Street south to Erbin Drive; also to improved the alley between Third -Avenue <br />and 2ourth Avenue, in said city, from a point 364.25 feet south of the <br />center line of Dayton'Street; thence south to the south line of Section 239 <br />Township 27 North, Range 3"last ii.iai. , by the consruction of an 8" combined <br />sanitary and storm lateral sewer; also to improve Walnut Street, -in said <br />city, by the construction, along the center line thereof, from the alley <br />between Third Avenue and fourth Avenue ;lest of Third Avenue of a - combined 8" <br />sanitary and storm lateral sewer,together with the necessary manholes, catedh <br />basins and other appertenances necessary to make a complete improvement,all <br />in accordance with Aesolgtion No.108of the City of'Umonds, as the same now <br />stands, be and the same is hereby in all things approved and confirmed. <br />Section 2: That each of the olots, tracts and parcels of land or other <br />property shown on said roll is hereby declared to be specially benefited by <br />improvement in at least the amount charged against the same and that the <br />assessment appearing against the same is in proportion to the several <br />