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1 <br />1 <br />I <br />1 <br />C <br />TOT.iL CURii ',UT 'E PEIISE i+:XBEPDITU :S :------- V018,019,00 <br />ESTIiJlITED CUzdi.LN ,Az;01,I.2T:�I'0it 1942. <br />Estimated cash on hand at end of year- $6300,00 <br />Fines and Licenses--------------------- 300,00 <br />Liquor revenues------------------------ 3800,00 <br />Gas tax revenues-------------------- -- 3194,41 <br />.mount to be raised for Current'Expense <br />by 8.34/100 mills tax on$''530,552,00 <br />estimated valuation.------------------- 4424,59 4424,59 <br />Total estimated receipts ------- §18,019.00 <br />4XI? zDITUi3ES eaz", 301IDS id "'D IiITLII,L iJT : <br />h.I-D-Guarantee Bonds---------------- $2000,00 <br />Trunk Sewer Bonds and Interest------- 1496,00 <br />Genreal Obligation Bonds and Interest 2500900 <br />Zmount to be raised by 11.3/10 mills on <br />01530,552,.00 estimated valuation---_`--_- 5995,00 5995� 00 <br />Grand -Total -to -be raised by 19,64 mills <br />Taxation on $530,552,00 estimated valuation--------- $16,419,59 <br />WA'T :.� DE2EiM'Ic;UTTALM) i BCi�IB1'S: <br />EXPENDITU E,3. <br />Vaater revenue Collectors salary----- 960,00 <br />Superintendents salary-------------- 1200500 <br />Extra mens wages-------------------- 300,00 <br />Supplies and repairs---------------- 500,00 <br />Materials--------------------------- 2500,00 <br />Power for pumps--------------------- 12g0(,00 <br />Bond Interest----------------------- 5885,00 <br />Bond Redemption--------------------- 18,767,18 <br />RC%IPT3: <br />Hydrant Rental from Current Lxpense- $�2,400,00 <br />Water Revenue, estimated------------ 15,886,70 <br />Cash in Bond Redemption Fund-------- 10,018,22 <br />Cash in Operating Fund-------------- 31307,26 <br />Total receipts-------- <br />$31,612,18 <br />a., <br />$31,612,18 <br />On motion the Council adopted the foregoing Preliminary Budget, <br />and instructed the City Clerk to give proper notice of its <br />adoption. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />it r r Mayor, <br />SE2TEMBER 16th, 1941. <br />The Council met in ,regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The rol. <br />call shoved the following Councilmen present: H....Chandler, W.C.Hanson, 0. <br />Savage and >>alter Hansen. The minutes of the last meeting were read and <br />approved. <br />On motion the Mayor was instructed to have a temporary phone plased in <br />C.L.Baileys home. <br />The question of a building ordinance was brought up by the Mayor. On.. <br />motion the Mayor was instructed to appoint a committe. to draw up a building <br />Ordinance. <br />M•C.En els.rep6rted that the Fire Department was in need of 200 feet of <br />22" _.fire_hose and a 21- inch fog nozel. <br />On motion the Council instructed M.C.Engels, the "`ire Chief to purchas <br />200 feet of 2-i'F inch fire hose and a 22 rich fog nozel. <br />The question of fenceing the lots between the two city garages vas brought <br />up by the Mayor. On Lotion the Street Superintendent was instructed to have <br />the lots fe,:,ced. <br />