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Passed this 6th day of October 1941. <br />City Clerk 11d yor. <br />Published of October , 1941. <br />OCTOBER 7th, 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pourtner presiding. he roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present: H.A.Chandler, R.T.RoseoIV,,C. <br />Henson, V7alter Hansen,W.Clausen. and U.T.Sones. The minutes of the last meetings <br />were read and approved°. ° <br />The Treasurers report and the dater Collectors report for the month of <br />September were read and ordered filed. - <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Committe and on motion <br />the Council ordered warrants drawn on the proper funds. <br />Tribune -Review, , for supplies-------- _ $32, 83 P.S.Power & Light Go- , for <br />Trick &c Murray, for supplies-------- 10.,31 stgeet lights=------ $192,20 <br />Geo.B.acon, for care of garbage dump-. <br />Grow Hardware, for supplies <br />9,27 <br />two months------- <br />- 20J00 <br />Lennie C.Hall, for labor- <br />1,50 <br />C.M.Larson, for ,sewer inspection---- <br />2,00 <br />Pickett Uotor Co.,for <br />P.S.Power &c Light Go., lights for �;i �� :_;.:1.1 <br />repairs------ <br />4,17 <br />City Hall------ <br />= 2,26 <br />Wilfred Hansen, for labor <br />2,50 <br />Telephone Co., for phone calls------ <br />3,82-H.C.Hansen, <br />fmrlabor----- <br />3.00 <br />R.H.Doty, for police judge fees----- <br />3,,50 <br />R.H.Doty, for labor------ <br />5,00 <br />Yost Auto Co, for supplies---------- <br />11,07 <br />Stevens Lumber Go., for <br />R.H.Bartlett, for expense to fire <br />supplies----- <br />2,90A <br />Convention----------- <br />36,20 <br />Diesel Oil Sales Go., for <br />C.E.Savage, for expense to fire <br />supplies------- <br />4,11 <br />Convention------------- <br />36,20 <br />Henry Allen, for labor---; <br />7,50 <br />Sanderson Safety Supply Co. for <br />`.lost Auto Co: , for supplies <br />4,72 <br />supplies----------- <br />- 2,88 <br />Caspers Service Statioh, <br />Swanson Drug Co, for supplies------- <br />: ,79 <br />for supplies------- <br />19,53 <br />Howard Womer for labor-------------- <br />- 10900 <br />G.M.Leyda, for clerical <br />A.M.Yost (1 Sons, for supplies------- <br />1,03 <br />work------- <br />5,00 <br />Edmonds Grocery &o Market,- supplies-- <br />.38 <br />Pickett Motor Co., for <br />Federal Pipe &c Tank Co.., for supplies <br />7,47 <br />repairing mixer----- <br />13,78 <br />O.N.Sorensen, for P.O.Box rent------ <br />,75,2.3.2ower <br />&c Light Co., <br />Yost Auto Co.,supplies--------------° <br />1,25 <br />for lights--------- <br />6,20 <br />National Meter Division,for supplies' <br />59,12 <br />Puget Sound Neves Go., for <br />Pickett Motor Co.,repairs------------ <br />4,49 <br />books--------- <br />36,60 <br />H.G.Purcell, for supplies------------ <br />35,21 <br />American Corporation,for <br />P.S.Power &c Light Co., power for 2 <br />supplies------------ <br />32,00 <br />months------------ <br />266,50 <br />O.N.Sorensen,:for P.O.Box <br />M.C.Engels, lio for furnace--------- <br />34,76 <br />rent------------- <br />75 <br />Olympic Foundary Oo. supplies------- <br />1.00 <br />Diamonds Stores, for supplies 1,34 <br />Geo.Bacon, for hauling garbage from <br />Tribune-Review,for Ordinace <br />City park----------------- <br />4,00 <br />On L.I.D.No.50----------- <br />12,13 <br />P-S-Power Light Go for lights at <br />dark--------- <br />M-C.Enee1s for supplies for <br />4,03 <br />L.I.D.No.50------------ <br />7,32 <br />Swanson Drug Co., for supplies at <br />G-A-Garlstedt, for supplies <br />park-------- <br />,50-fox. <br />L.I.D.No. 50---------- <br />413"y,BL <br />A letter was received from J.H.nupart, calling the Councils attention <br />to <br />the fact that Second ",*,Venue North has <br />not been graded according tocontract. <br />The letter was'refured to the City Engineer., <br />The following petition was presented to the Council: <br />-_ - <br />"PETITION" <br />"THE EDMONDS CITY COUNCIL, <br />EDMONDS , WASHINGT ON <br />Gentlemen: - <br />We undersigned property owners and resdents of Edmonds, Washington <br />respectfully petition you to sponsor°the installation of a sewer on Bell Street <br />between Seventh &c Ninth Streets, and°also to grade said Bell Street between <br />Seventh and Ninth Street to the adjacent property line. Also, we respectfully <br />request you to have Eight Street between -Main and Bell Street graded to the <br />Property line. <br />It is hereby understood and agreed that all costs of material for the <br />aforementioned sewer shall be paid by the undersigned property owners and <br />labor to be furnished by the <br />"Respectfully submitted" <br />11,4ME LOTS & BLOCKS <br />R.L.Oake--------------- 19 and 20-- qq <br />Grace R.Sutton------- 1 and 2-------8. <br />C.H.Nelson----------- 31-32-33-34- <br />Ethon Coomer-------- 7-8-9-10- 78 <br />Inger Ljosen--------- 9-10-11- 87 <br />Erwin 0. Kittleson--- 31-32-33-34-: 86 <br />1 <br />1 <br />