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r:ame Lots Bloc1� <br />.C.Lattioner------------ 35-36-37-38- 79 120 ft <br />Eliza Bell--------------- 12-13-14-15- <br />16-17-16- 87 210 ft <br />On motion the petition was to the City Engineer for checking. <br />The City Clerk reported that he had sold for cash, Lots 36-27-38-39 <br />and 40, Block 40 to H.Drew Jr, for $175,10 subject to the approval of <br />the City Council. <br />On motion. the City Council approved the sale and instructed the <br />City Attorney to draw up the deed of transfer, and that the Mayor and <br />City Clerk sign the deed. <br />The mayor reported that he had sold Lotc.3�,-39m .d 40, Block 96 <br />to Elmer Schoolcraft for �378,009 and tha ;� oved an old shak on <br />the lots before the sale was approved by the Council. <br />On motion the City Clerk was instructed to notify him that he must <br />show plans and specifycations of the buildings he proposes to put on <br />these lots before the Council will approve the sale. And that the plans <br />must be submitted within 30 days. <br />On motion the Council instructed the the y.P. foremen toplace the <br />curb and putter that runs along in front of the n-itcheook property <br />in a straight line with the other property. <br />On motion the_LiCity Gler c was instructed to not r the Safeway <br />Store that they mast take care of their garbage and,;-" <br />put it out on <br />personal property. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council adjourned. <br />City C' `,ayor. <br />001L.",0BE.Li 21st.:, 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with itLayor Pourtner presiding. The <br />roll call allowed the following Councilmen present: H..4.Chandler, R.T. <br />ltoscoe, r.C. ianson, W Hansen and ';f.Clausen. The minutes of the last meet- <br />ing were read and approved. <br />The Union Oil Company presented their deed for 60 foot street for !'irk; <br />Avenue to Dayton Street, for which the Council had agreed to pay $150,00; <br />also a vouchre for the same. <br />Om motioj.i the Council approved all transactions therewith and ordered <br />drawn on the Street l;•und to pay thew150,00. <br />The vlayor received the following comunication from the 't*lO.L 1:'6 i'.L.OJLCT <br />ADP,IINIST-R=O1T. October 15, 1941. <br />hon. !'red-'ourtner <br />:vay or of Edmonds <br />Ed.nionds , ,j on <br />" Dear Sir: Please be informed that the status of sewer project , r;P 2950, <br />for City of Edmonds, will be considered as ineligible for any further <br />work thereon after December 31, 1941, because of the fact that the allo- <br />cation of funds covering projects listed under Official .project '665 will <br />be rescinded as of the date herein mentioned. <br />If it your desire to have 52.1. participate in sewer construction in. <br />your City, please furnish this office with the necessary data relative to <br />setting 'up a new project to cover work to be anticipated, keeping in mind <br />that­.,72A funds for non -labor purchases fo material involved in project <br />will be approa�iinately 41;4,00 per man -month and that Sponsor's contribution <br />would have to be considered on a minimum of 25% Of total cost of project. <br />This office will be glad to cooperate with you in processing ana sub- <br />mitting a new project to cover work that may be desired." <br />"Yours very truly <br />170--3 P iOJEC'1' :lI1TIST,?t.TI01r <br />By Ira O.Ge-rdon <br />assist. Dist. Director <br />Division of Operation, District T4" <br />Girdotl ,7us ttv <br />present at this meeting of the Council and^a very inter- <br />esting explanation of the setup as to how -these projects worked out. <br />The City Engineer made the followin report on the proposed Bell <br />Street Sewer and Street improvement project. <br />"October 20th. 1941. <br />„ou;1cail <br />City of i:diiionds <br />Edmonds, �iashingtor. <br />N eri leaiel- : <br />',; e have inspected <br />Jtr l tit betl'iteil 'i all Ltl a Jtil .itrCl vi <br />.:t%'P%Cr :i1V c1ti;U uitC o iiL 1La <br />"1 <br />-L is ti. C:'v fat' <br />the proposed Luiproveuient o f Bell <br />for ht1 Goils "t ract i01-1. 0 a lateral _.., <br />�_,, <br />(i_rvv t; rii of L 3t1 uU rdy)Ort u.._� y0110':1- <br />CE;L i 61 ui;t: Ji,i rE 6 i.Cl-11CL U6 l: y; •L-1 l IC;_-u <br />U. U,.0 �` _ 1-�; _._Lt.0 011E 1 uV v llC. ✓rULi. �'.;C) 1U. '_ y6 U <br />