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�TOVE;� BER 4th, 1941 <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Pourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Councilmen present:H.11.0handler, H.T.Roscoe, W.C. <br />Hanson, C.Savage, tl.Hansen, I?Claaben and W.T.Jone. <br />The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The Treasurers report and the Water revenue collertrs report for the month <br />of October were read and ordered filed. <br />The following bills were approved by the Finance Coiamitte and on motion <br />watrants were ordered drawn on the proper funds . <br />Telephone Co. for phone calls----- 1,09 G.;S.Brackett, for labor------- 4100 <br />Trick & Murray, for supplies------ 7,73 P.J.Larsorl, black smith work-- 1,75 <br />Seattle Lubber Stamp Co. supplies- 1,91 Henry llen, extra labor------ 5,00 <br />2.S.Power 6­0 Light Co.for lights--- 1,58 Stevens Lumber Co. for supplies1,08 <br />Carlton Cook, for olive duty <br />y----- 5,00 Lichfield Service, for gas ---- 24,93 <br />John Stanton, for police duty----- 5,00 Yost Auto Co, for repairs----- 3,44 <br />Z.E.D6.iner, for police duty------- 5,00 Pickett i:lotor Co. repairs ---- 51,04 <br />Henry Allen, for police duty------ 5,00 2.3.21owyer w Light do. street <br />D.R.nutherford, for police duty--- 5,00 lights------- 95,60 <br />Zi-re Department for 2 fires ------- 30,00 Hopper Chevrolet Co. repairs- 32,40 <br />Yost Auto Co. for storage and ivl•C.Engels, for oil----------- 3,14 <br />supplies ---- 10,83 Yost Auto Co. repairs-------- 2,58 <br />C.U.Larson, for sewer inspection.-- 2,00 Louis Miller, for gas-------- 20,94 <br />P.S.Power w Light Co. lights for G.iui.Leyda, for clerical work- 5,00 <br />Parh house----- 2,33 Pickett idOtor Co. for repairs 2,88 <br />L.G.�'ry,for laboron Yaz_" grounds-- 3,14 Yost Auto Co. repairs-------- .62 <br />2•3•2ower & Light Co. lights for Olympic i0oundry Co. supplies- 43,58 <br />Library------ 3,77 National Meter Division, for <br />Gaylord Bros. for supplies-------- 2,35 supplies- 59,09 <br />Paget Sound News Co. supplies ----- 28,43 Crow Hardware, for supplies-- 1,93 <br />Trunk Sewer ,----------------------10,00 P.J•Larson, for smith work--- 4925 <br />4-H-Weaver, license for 1I.E. water i�ay VVoodj'_-'iibld, for labor----- 7.00 <br />Licens----------- 15,00 Sid welly, for labor--------- 3,00 <br />P.S.Power & Light �o. power "fort" J.J.k-adra, for labor--------- 4,00 <br />pampa---- I053,42 '�'i•y.'uomer, expenses to Seattle ,95 <br />�I.H.!ieave-r, State livens for G.A.Carlstedt, for supplies-- <br />U.R.Ed. water system----- 15,00 <br />.ii . loner reported that the shL," that carries the drum of thu mixer was <br />broken and thc`.i.t the wheels needed <br />On motion uTr. ` omer was instructed to have the repairs made. <br />1:.H.Doty tendered his resignation as Police Judge. On i.iotioli the Council <br />accepted his resignation. <br />The liIayor appointed 4'I.C.Hanson Police Judge. On u,tion the Council ap- <br />proved the appointment, ai-id ordered a proper bond secured. <br />C•M.Larson having tendered his resignation as 0hitf of Police, the <br />iAayor appointed R.H.Doty Chief of Police. On motion the Council approved the <br />appointments and ordered a proper botid secured. <br />The Mayor reveived a co:,.nranication from the Government asking that they <br />Pass an Ordinance setting up a Cevilian Piremens Patrol. On motion the <br />Council instructed the City tyttorney to draw up an Ordinance covering the <br />Governments request. <br />On motion t11e Council ordered Elmer Schoolcraft to remeve his shack off <br />ove Lots 38-39-and fourty, Bloc,,,, 96, within 30 days from date of the notice. <br />The question of furnishinCD the ,,Tight .:atrlman with a phone at his residence <br />After surn discussion the question was desided by the following vote. <br />n.A.Chandler yes, R.T.Roscoe yes, ;,.C?Hanson yes, C.Savage yes, 4?H4nsen no, <br />`I -Clausen no. `I.T.Jones no. Carried. <br />The ;'later Superintendent reported that -the cove on the south Edmonds <br />;'later ResErvoir should be repaired. Or.:. motion the Council instructed him to <br />make proper repairs. <br />it was moved by Chandler and seconded by 4'J.C.Hanson that the hour of <br />the meeting of the Council be changed from 7,30 pm. to 8 p.m.motion carried. <br />There being no further business on motion then Council adjourned. <br />City rk Ma or. <br />