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ITOV=ER 18 th , 1941. <br />The Council:met; in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following;Councilmen present: H.. Chandler, ;01.T.`_�oscoe,Q. <br />Savage, Tialter, Hansen TV. Clausen and, 11.T.Jones. The minutes of the last meeting <br />were read and approved. <br />Thw ffat,er Superintendent.took up situation of the south part of <br />water system.. He explained the neeesity of installing_.aproximetely 3000 feet <br />-of pipe to replace some old wooden pipe and some extensions. After looking <br />over the situation from,a, map and necessity for making,the repairs and exten- <br />sions the Council on motion instructed the City-Glerk to. call :for bid; for <br />3000 feet of 2 inch cast iron pipe. <br />Thee eater Superintendent bruoght up the water supply situation, stating that <br />it was necessary for the:Council to -see that there is more water. It has come <br />to a, point where there is barley enough water now to supply the wants of the <br />people during the summer. months, and nexit summerthere will be a greatr demand <br />because of new residents,, you should pre -pair -for that now. <br />,He explained the. Wellproblum and said -well 'men thought we could get all the <br />wate,r we wanted at the south plant <br />On -motion the Superintendent was given -power to call for bids to -put <br />dowry a well and have they for the next meeting of the. Council. <br />�'•O.Girden was present and explained, the t .P.., situation and stated that <br />the LCity was faceing a very serious unless quick action, taken. The time <br />for the -city to get their set up is onley 10 days and that if we want the* <br />to, make our improvements vie would have t;o move fast. The Mayor explained our <br />proposed improvements and that the City j'ngi.neer had instructions to make the <br />proprer set up and send; it in. Mr. Gerdon said,he would send a man up to the <br />Engineers office in the morning t,o get the setup of our proposed improvements. <br />The Chief of Police recpaested the Council place 6 siren in his car. On motion <br />the bouncil granted the request and instructed the City Clerk to purchaes one. <br />The Mayor brought up, the sewer.. cleaner problum, stating that the question. <br />had been refured to the City Engineer a month.ago and that he had not made ang <br />report. On motion the City Clerk was ordered to purchase the sexier cleaner on <br />a 30 days trial.. ' <br />The mayor brought up the problum of supplying the City Clerks Office with <br />a much needed chair and lenolium on the floor. On motion the City Clerk was <br />instructed to purcahs an office chair and have lenolium placed on.the floor. <br />There being no further business on motions the Council adjourned. <br />C ty 1 °Mayor. <br />DBCEDQBER °2ndd* 1941. <br />The Council; mete in regular session with Mayor Pourtner,per, siding. The <br />roll call showed the following Coune,ilmen,present:.H.A.Chandler, x.T.R0000e, <br />W.C.Hanson, 0 Savage, W.Harisen and t}J..Clausen.�The minutes of the last meeting <br />were read and approved. <br />The,,treasurers report and the Water Revenue Collectors report were read <br />and ordered filed. <br />The'fo.11owing hills were approved by the Finahoe.Committe and on motion <br />warrants were ordered drawn an the proper.furide. ` <br />Fred Schneider., for repairs---- 3,60 Crow Hardware, for supplies .25 <br />W.C.oHahsbn, police judge------- 17,,50 Ley4a'•Eleotrie, supplies-- 1,24 <br />Eureka Fire Hose Co-.., supplies 260,, 59 P. J.Larson, smith gork----- 2, 50 <br />Geo.Baeon, care og garbage --- 10.00 Telephone Co., repairs----- 3,42 <br />R.H.Doty, sewer inspections--- 4000, M.C.EngAls., for supplies--- 34,76 <br />Pickett Motor Co.,, ,for repairs 1,76 G.A.Carlstedt, .supplies---.- 8936 <br />Henry Alien,.for labor-------- 5,00 Pickett Motor Co., supplies 13,65 <br />H.C.Hansen, for labor--------- 61,88 G*AoCarlstedt,for supplies 200;75 <br />Rodolph Cross,, for labor-=---- 10,00 Crow Hardware, for supplies 1,39 <br />Cv Hardware,, for supplies--- 34,05 Yost Auto Co.. , , for repairs- 13, 91 <br />Hopp8r Chevrolet Co. -,supplies- 1,55 A.B.Bently, for supplies--- 2,46 <br />E.B.Hubbard, truck certificate 4950 A.B.Bentlt, Library repairs 83921 <br />Geo.M.Leyda, for clerical work 5.00 <br />The City Attorney approved the bonds of the Chief of Police and the Police <br />Judge. On -motion the Council accepted the bonds. <br />The Concil received the following bid for 211;c'ast iron pipe. <br />"Gentlemen: <br />Pursuant to your call for bids on cast iron pipe, we are <br />pleased to submit the following proposal f.o.b Edmonds.- Washington: <br />3000 feet 2" Cast Iron pipe in 15 foot lenghts with oversized male and <br />female threaded ends--- .32 feet. <br />L <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />r-� <br />