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This is the most popular type of small sized"east iron pipe in use in the <br />territory and it is quit use a gland type pipe for expansion about <br />every 150 feet. We 'oan furnish whatever quantity you desire along -with the <br />threded type pipe including all necessary followers, bolts and for o33.per <br />foot. We recommend for the 3000 feet in question- 180 pieces of threaded pipe <br />and 20 pieces of gland type pipe. <br />We can make immediate delivery of the above pipe from Seattle stocks. We <br />also wish to quote you on 4" Class 150 Bell and Spigot, cast iron pipe in 18 <br />foot lenghts foo.b. Edmonds as follows: <br />For immediat delivery from Seattle stock .75 per foot. <br />For factory shipment with delivery in aproximately 120 days, subject to Gov- <br />-ernment regulations in regard to priorities and allocations o60 per foot, <br />Tristing that'the above will meet with your approval and that we may re- <br />-eeive your order for same, we remain <br />Yours very truly, <br />HUGH G.PERCELL CO. <br />ill Wo0ook10 <br />It was moved by WoOlausen and seconded by W.CoHanson that we accept the <br />bid HUGH GoPUHCELL CO-o, for 2700 feet of oversi4ed male and female threaded <br />ends pipe at o32 ate per foot and 300 feet of 2", gland expansion type pipr at <br />.33 ots per foot. The vote was as follows; Chandler yes, Roscoe yes, Hanson <br />yes ,Savage yes, Hansen yes Clausen yes. Carried by unanimous vote of tho <br />Cou{noilmgn present. <br />The Street Superintendent reported that there should be a catch basin <br />at Third and Main, also one at Seventh and Main. On motion the Coucil instru- <br />-ted the Superintendent to put them in. <br />The street Superintendent was instructed to purchase 2 tires for the stre4t <br />truck. <br />Complaint was made that the Library steps were in very bad condition. on <br />motion the City Clerk Was instructed to have them repaired. <br />There being no further business on motion the Council -adjourned. <br />74 <br />City C e Mayor. <br />DECEMBER 16th, 1941. <br />The Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The <br />Moll call showed the following Councilmen present: RoA.Ghandler, Ro,ToBOSCoE <br />W.C.Hanson, W.HANSEN, WoClausen and W.T.Jones. <br />. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />The City Clerk reported that he had employed GeooMoBlough to repair the <br />step on the Library enteranee, then he came saAd he could not do itgthat <br />left it as it was. Finaly I got Mro Bently tom off my hands. He said he <br />would get some one to make the repair. <br />.The proper heating of the Library has been a problum for along time. <br />The.City Clerk suggested that a radiator be plased in the floor over the <br />furnace room to take up some of the excess heat in the furnace room that <br />was going to waste. Mr.°bently said he would put in a radiator 12":i18" for <br />§8000. On motion the Council instructed him to put one in. <br />Fred Pickett and other members of the American Ligon and a represent- <br />tative of the County Defence Program, gave -an outline of the proposed work <br />to be done. The appointment of offiaers and the setting up of oommittes <br />to see that the work was being properly carried on. And that we would have <br />an organization that would function when called upon in time of trouble, <br />if it came. <br />The Mayor appointed Fred Pickett, of American Ligon,as chairman of the <br />eommitte on Defense. The Mayor and Pickett to appoint the other members <br />of the oommittes. <br />The Chief of Police requested that a light be plased at the door of <br />the furnace room, so he could see to unlock the door at night. On motion <br />the City Clerk was instruoted to have the light plased <br />George Bacon offered the City $lOo00 for an old truck body that the <br />city owner. On motion the City accepted the offer. <br />The Fire Chief said the City should have six pump cans for protection <br />case of ineendary bowing. Om motion the Coneil instructed the Fire Chief <br />the purchase Gix pump cans. <br />The Street Committe recommended that a catch basin be placed at Seventh <br />and Main and at Third and Main, also that na 8 inch tile be laid from Maple <br />Street on Ninth to shell creek. On motion the Council approved tha recom- <br />mendation. <br />Ordinance No. 537 9 Wereating a municipal commission, was read and <br />on motion was adopted. <br />04 The Council adjourned-untill 8pomoFriday December 19th, 1941 <br />ra <br />Rm m-00'e/ <br />MAN!. <br />Mayor <br />