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A motion was made by Savage and -seconded by Jones that the Street commission- <br />er have signs painted on the City truck and the door of the Clerk's office. <br />Motion carried. <br />A letter was read.from.the.Department of Health which states that three things <br />must be done before the,well.aite can be approved,. .(1) Installation of a <br />drainage system of sufficient capacity to eliminate standing water on the <br />property owned by the city. This should include a ditch at the west end - <br />of the property to divert runoff from the adjacent recidences. (2) Raising <br />of the area within 30 feet.of the well site to 2' or 31 above the present <br />grade and establishing drainage away from this area. (3) Connection of the <br />three unsewered residences west of the city's property to the city sewer <br />sgrstem. It also states that there si no reason why the well drilling opera- <br />tions should be delayed urtil.these improvements are made, it it is under- <br />stood that the improvements must be'eompleted before the well can be approved <br />for use. <br />Engineer Sievers is to contact the Attorney about the extending of the sewer. <br />A motion was made the Savage and seconded btr(.Chandler that the Street-Supt. <br />have the grass cut on the city streets and pick it up if possible. Motion <br />carried. -The superintendent was authorized to find out the cost to repair <br />the W. P. A. truck. <br />''There being no further business a motion was moved and seconded the meeting <br />adjourn. <br />Assistant City Clerk MayorZ L <br />June 20, 1944. <br />The. Council met in regular session with Mayor Fourtner presiding. The roll <br />call showed the following Coune•ilmen present,,, Chandler,, Roscoe, .McGibbon, <br />Jones, Hansen.and Clausen. The minutes.of the following meeting•were read <br />and approved. <br />A motion was made by Ros,00e and seconded by,MoGibbon that the bill of Ray <br />Mckeever for labor, §20'on the water and $72.on the, street funds, which <br />were approved by the' finane e, committee be 'allowed. Motion carried. <br />Ordinance No. 549 was read to the A motion was made the Chandler <br />and seconded by McGibbon that Ordinance No, 549 be adopted and published. <br />-The roll call showed Chandler yes'.iioaeoe yes,, McGibbon No., Jones yes, <br />Hansen yes, and Clausen`'yes. Motion oarried. <br />ORDINANCE NO ;649 <br />An Ordinance relating to,the construction and reconstruction of sidewalks <br />in the City of Edmonds and providing for the payment therefor by the owners <br />of abutting property. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDMOUDS: <br />.Section 1: Definitions. The. term, "3tree.t1r. .as used ,in this Ordinance, <br />shall ­Tno ud6� • oulev'arC; ..avenue.,. street, alley, way,. lane, s'qucre or place. <br />The term "Sidewalk" shall include any,and all structures or forms of street <br />improvement included in the space between the street margin and the road- <br />way. <br />Section 2: whenever a portion not longer than one block in length of any <br />street in the City of Edmonds shall not be improved by the construction of <br />a'sidewalk thereon, or the sidewalk thereon shall have become unfit,or, <br />unsafe for purposes of public travel, and such street, adjacent to both . <br />ends of said portion, shall be so improved and in good repair. and the City <br />Couneil'of the City of Edmonds shall,be resolution find that the improve- <br />ment of such portion of such Street by the construction or reconstruction <br />of a sidewalk thereon is necessary for the public safety and convenience <br />the dity, burden and expense of constructing or reconstructing such side- <br />walk shall devolve upon the property directly abutting upon such portion; <br />provided, that such abutting property shall not be charged with any costs <br />of construction or reconstruction under this Ordinance in excess of Fifty <br />per cent of the valuation of such abutting property, exclusive of improve- <br />ments thereon,, according to the valuation last,placed upon it for purposes <br />of general taxation. <br />Section 3: Whenever the City Council of the City of Edmonds shall have <br />adopted such Resolution it shall cause a notice to be served on the owner <br />of the property directly sbutting on such portion of such street, instruct - <br />said owner to construct or,recon struet a sidewalk, on such portion, in <br />