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accordance with the. plans .and specifications which shall be attached to <br />such notice. Such,notice shall be deemed sufficiently served if d..elivered <br />in person to the owner.or if left at the home of such owner with a,person <br />of suitable age and discretion then resident therein, or with an agent of <br />such owner, authorized to collect rentals on such property, or, if such <br />owner is a non-resident of the,State of Washington, by mailing a copy to <br />his last known address, or if such owner be unknown, or if his address ue <br />unknown, then by posting a copy in a conspicuous place at such portion of <br />said street where such improvement is to be made. Such notice shall specify <br />a ressonalbe time within which such construction or reconstruction shall be <br />made and shall state that in case such owner shall fail to make the same <br />within such time, the City of Edmonde.will proceed to make the same through <br />its Street Superintendent,,and that siad Street Superintendent will report <br />to the.City Council', at a subsequent date, to be definitely said <br />Notice, -an Assessment Roll showing the lot or parcel of land directly abutt- <br />ing on'such portion of.such Street so improved, the cost of such improve- <br />ment, and the name of the owner, if known, and that the City Council of the <br />City, of Edmonds at the time,, in said notice or at the time or times to which <br />the same may be adjourned.., to hear any.yand all protests against the proposed <br />assessment. Upon-thw expiration of the time fixed within which the owner <br />is required to‚Äěconstruct or reconstruct such sidewalk, if the owner has <br />failed to perform such work, the City may proceed to perform such work, and <br />the Street Superintendent of the City,of Edmonds performing such work shalt-, <br />within the time fixed in the notice, report to the said City Council7an <br />Assessment Roll showing the lot or parcel of land directly abutting on such <br />portion of such street so improved, the cost of such work, and the name of <br />the owner, if known. The..City Council of the Ci-py of Edmonds shall. at the <br />time in such notice designated, or at an adjourned time or times, assess the <br />cost of such improvement against said property and shall fix the time and <br />manner for payment thereof, which said assessment shall become a lien upon <br />said property,.and shall be collected in the manner as is provided by law <br />for collection of special assessments under Chapter 27,, Title-60, Remington,'s <br />Revised Statues of Washington. <br />Section 4; For the purposes of this Ordinance all property having. a front- <br />age upon the sides or margins of any street shall be deemed to be abutting <br />property and such property shallbe chargeable, as provided by this Ordinance, <br />for all costs of construction or reconstruction or any form of sidewalk <br />improvement between the margin of said street and the roadway front <br />of and adjacent to said property. <br />Section 5: Ordinance #278 of the City of Edmonds be and the same is hereby <br />repealed. <br />Section 6: This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and effect <br />rom E after its passage and publication as provided by law. <br />Attest: Anita Gust <br />. . Assistant City Clerk <br />Passes: June 20, 1944 <br />Published: June 21, 1944. <br />F. A: Fourtner <br />Mayor <br />The Street and Sewer Committee are to get in touch with the three property <br />owners on Ninth -and Main streets in regards to the extending of the Sewer, <br />and report at.the next meeting of the Council. <br />A motion was made by. Ch'andlev and 'seconded by Roso,oe that' the City Attorney <br />0. D. Anderson notify George Law that he must connect his property in - <br />Block 77',. lots one and two, to the.sewer within sixty days. motion carried. <br />The bid from Bob Evans. for $1000 cash, for the Beeson property in Block- 8'7 <br />lots 33 to 37 inclusive was accepted by the Counc A and ordered'f.illed.' - <br />Engineer Sievers,was.instructed to contact ownereWho live near <br />the South. Edmonds water tank ,in _regards to purchasing property w1ithIn-Z_200 <br />feet of same. ` <br />Amotion was made_by McGibbon and seconded by Chandler that the Clerk have <br />the Library.Building insured against fire for $5000.. Motion carried. <br />There being no, the meeting adjourned. <br />Assistant City Clerk Mayor. <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />